Friday, May 6, 2022

Improving a cheap Aliexpress toy.

 I bought this very cheaply priced Kaiju figure from Aliexpress. I was less than impressed with it when it finally arrived  looking like an angry tootsie roll.

So a little dry brush and bam . 

Now it looks more like the Mattel Godzilla gang version I had as a kid in the 70's but better.

and he looks a lot closer to the extremely expensive action figure version.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Ultraman Kanegon

I have found myself drawn more and more to the Kaiju style monster toy as of late. Though this truly isn't a real Japanese Kaiju toy it was inexpensive and fits in well.

Ultraman is a treasure trove of goofy Japanese monster goodness .Traditionally the Kaiju toys are pretty expensive for what they are but I have found that the Ultraman toys on Aliexpress are very inexpensive. Now if I could just find a cheap Hedorah.....  

Friday, April 22, 2022

Stephen King book collection.

 This is every Stephen King book in first edition hardback . 

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Signal head monster

 I believe this creature is inspired by the work of Trevor Henderson .If you are not familiar with the work of Trevor Henderson I highly recommend checking it out. 

On a completely different subject has anybody else noticed that blogger just puts the images in whatever order it feels like now?

Monday, April 4, 2022

Roblox Imagination Collection Clawed Companion

 A cute and very different figure. He comes with no back story whatsoever but I like to think he might be friends with the Zoltar machine from the movie Big.

I'm sure that this will not interest most people because  its not the 1000th repainting of a 40 year old toy but for me the different first time figures are what's interesting. I figure if I have owned He Man , Superman ,Batman, Snake Eyes , the ninja turtles or any of the dramatically overused characters once then thats pretty much enough of that character for me. I like to see new and creative creations that have nothing to do with big business nostalgia. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

just some stuff glowing.

 I'm a sucker for stuff that glows in the dark.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Roblox Imagination Collection - Lucky Gatito

 I know nothing of the Roblox game but I do know I like lucky cats and Spaghetti westerns so this guy just called to me.

Its been a good long time since I did a post like this. I've been working out life stuff the past couple of years and taking pictures really just stopped being a thing I did.  I'm really hoping to get that started again. I can't really go out and buy a lot of new stuff but something doesn't need to be new in order to take cool pictures of it. I can just say up front that you will not see the newest Masters of the universe , Marvel legends ,GI Joe or star wars figures here but I do think I can dig up something now and then to take cool pictures of. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Cryptozoology autographs

 **This post was originally posted in 2020 while my blog comments where still being sent to parts unknown .Im reposting it now with updates .***

I'm a huge fan of the strange and weird so naturally Im very into cryptozoology. Recently I decided I wanted to get the autographs of all my favorite cryptozoologists and so far I'm only lacking one from that list (Josh Gates if you are reading this I'm coming for you)  . If you have ever watched any show about any cryptids then you will likely recognize at least one or two of these guys. 

Loren Coleman

Ken Gerhard

Lyle Blackburn 

Frank Feschino Jr.

Also in the same book ( The Braxton County Monster )I now have the signature of Stanton Friedman . Stanton Friedman  was pretty well known from pretty much any show about UFOs .He Sadly passed in 2019

Friday, January 21, 2022

1970's Tomy wind up robot.

 I think most people in a general age range had one of these little guys growing up . My origenal was best friends with R2D2 and the Micronauts back in the day. 

I came across this one in a pawn shop for .25 cents and couldn't pass it up. I plan on restoring him to his 1970's glory some time in the future .  

Monday, January 17, 2022

The mutations of the Garloo bloodline continues

 Not really a fan of Pops (sorry Reis) but once in a while funko will perform a feat of prestidigitation and force my hand. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Another new year.

 So without going into any detail at all I will say that my 2021 was just terrible (much like 2020) It had many many hurdles and life lessons that just made the entire year a very difficult one. Im hoping this year is better ( in some ways its already starting out better than last year). Over the last week I have been really working on this blog and doing maintenance that I had put off for far to long .I had known there were issues with the blog and any time I sat down and looked at it all of it just seemed overwhelming  so i put it off and put it off but now I think I have a grasp on it. I deleted somewhere around 800 post that where all missing the origenal images and I also deleted posts that just seemed not so great. Now there is a back catalog of posts on here where before I had basically hidden any post made before 2020. I think I have figured out the formatting issues , restored many previously missing images and with the help of a few very helpful people on a forum I think the comments are working as they should ( reader comments posting , follow comments posting and visible to everybody and so on.) In Short this blog much like my life had been a mess for far to long and ignoring the problems didn't accomplish anything. 

Now its a new year and Im hoping to get things rolling on a good path from the start. First thing this morning I dumped a ton of clothing off at goodwill that was all way to big for me now. I also did a very deep cut on my books. Im hoping less clutter around me will just help live a less cluttered life ( that doesn't make as much sense in word as it did in my mind song). Im still no longer a toy "collector" but I do now and then get a little something new and I will once in a while post some pictures of something if I think it's interesting. I personally have to be very careful with collecting because it's an addiction for me and like any junkie I let things get entirely out of hand ( to the point where a clean out of my house is forced upon me and "professionals" come and throwaway 98% of whats in the house) but even with that issue I do still pick up something new once in a while now.

Its crazy to look at the small handful of people still blogging around here compared to the crazy number of people who where doing it 15 years ago when I started out. Nearly all the people who influenced my decision to start a blog back then are gone now . Some people from this blog world I feel like I watched grow up going from high school or collage kids to full fledged adults with great jobs and a few kids .Lives have changed and the world has changed but it nice to know that there are still those few of you out there still finding the time to try and keep blogging alive for another year.

Im closing this rambling incoherent post Id just like to say thank you to those who have stuck around and still feel its worth your time to click on to one of my posts in the reading list. Long gone are the days of 3000 views per post but now those 40 or so views each post gets means a lot to me . 

Here are some random images .Some might have been here before others I know for sure have never been posted (baby possum anybody?) 

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