Wednesday, January 30, 2019

My growing Grossery gang figure collection.

I'm loving these figures so much .They remind me of the Food fighter a lot and are pretty much in scale with them.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Phantom Outhouse !

If you missed it I posted pics of the full set here .I love the entire set but this guy is my favorite!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Slime pit edition Mordles and OMFG !

I have found in the past year that being a members of facebook groups has led my to having the opportunity to acquire things that I wouldn't be able to get if I wasn't in the group These Slime pit edition Mordles and OMFG minifigures are exclusive to the Mini Figure Militia  facebook group. These guys are my favorite color and I absolutely love them!

Phantom Outhouse

 King Castor 
Crawdad Kid

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Cleaning the catchall .

I thought I would snap a picture of this area for posterity's sake. This corner is where my computer is and has an odd sized bookcase that just doesn't fit with the rest of the shelves, so its getting a custom made replacement and the shelves are getting a makeover.This really is just an area where things that don't have any other place to go endup so it's long past due for a sorting out.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Project Bumblejumper : post one.

Recently I picked a Transformers G1 Bumblejumper out of the quarter toy bin at Goodwill (SCORE!) . He was missing the rubber tires and really thats no big deal but then I ham fisted and broke the pegs off of the head plate (D'oh!) Now what we have here is a project! I love projects.I plan to document the process of restoring this valuable little car back to a place where he is valuable once again.My hope is that this project will take place in one step and I will be able to fix him by cannibalising one of the new Walmart Bumblebees. Here are some pictures of him in his current state :

Now , on a side note you may have noticed the change in appearance of the old blog here. For those who were not around back then this is the origenal (almost) look of this blog from way back in 2012.Im changing formats and going back to being a full geek culture blog  to give myself the freedom to post about whatever I feel like so going back to my origenal look felt like a good choice. I will still post toys but also anything else I feel like (5.5 Alive will still be strictly 5.5 figures though).

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Conversation Saturday : Where they lost me.

Over the years there have been many shows I would tune into regular but not as many that I would because so infatuated that I would buy every bit of merchandise and never miss a new episode. A few shows have made it to my "super fan" list with two of them being the shows that I dove into headlong and went all in for merchandise wise , those two show were Supernatural and The Walking dead.
I was with  both shows  from the very beginning but I no longer watch either ,the merchandise all packed up and put away. So where and why did these show loose me? Well lets talk about that shall we..

Supernatural lost me at episode 2 of season 12 .Why ? Because of  Mary Winchester .I just simply couldn't stand the character, the actress or the entire idea of her being back .It hit the wrong note in my ear and I tuned out. From what I have read they are about half way done airing season 14 but I honestly wouldn't know  because its hardly a blip on my radar these days

The Walking dead ,where did this one loose me? Season 7, Episode 1 .Why ? Negan. To put it simply he was just too over the top for me. Some characters you love and some you love to hate but for me he was neither .He was simply blah to me. Not believable not hateable in the way a good villain should be but more like hateable in the way that person who smears poop all over the toilet seat in a public restroom right before you are suddenly hit with that gotta go feeling.Now don't get me wrong I love the actor in most everything else but here I just didn't feel it. 

I'm not saying that I might not binge watch what I've missed someday for for now Im content not knowing what I'm missing. How about you guys? Lost interest in a long time favorite show?

Monday, December 31, 2018

New Years resolution :The Purge

Ok so I am just blaintanly stealing this post idea from my friend Tony over at 2 minute toy break. 2018 marked a drastic change in my interests and collecting habits and my New Years resolution works at solidifying ,streamlining and ultimately  improving my over all collection. I call my New Years resolution the purge.Now to be honest I have been in the process of getting rid of stuff for years but in 2019 I plan on really upping my efforts. I have already begun The Purge step one: The deep painful cut. I am selling all my Marvel legends ,Monster High Dolls, Figmas and other Japanese animation toys, All Superheroes (except for Imaginext Dc),random 6 inch(excluding MOTUC) and 3 inch figures and all designer vinyl (not pops but the more expensive step brother to pops). There is multiple reasons for this but mainly my interests have changed ,I need space and the extra money from selling these things will allow me to fill the expensive holes in my currently active collections.I have also whittled down my "active collections" ,now instead of everything under the sun my collecting  is geared at 5.5 action figures and other toys that will fit in or compliment 5.5 figures .This still allows for a pretty wide selection of stuff such as plastic dinosaurs and insects that are not 5.5 but can work as monsters or steads. I will also continue my DC Super friends Imaginext collection because they are inexpensive and don't take up a very large amount of space.The change in my collection also rings in changes here on my blogs.This blog will be going to monthly or less posts and 5.5 will be monthly also .I figure with fewer posts it will be easier for the busy folks in the blogger world to keep up with them and it gives me plenty of time to put together cool pictures for all of you to look at. As well as few blog posts I will be returning to my older style of wordless posts and just let the images tell the story (I will gladly answer any questions in the comments) .On the opposite hand I will be posting 3 or for times a week on facebook ,it  that will mostly be single images with a simple description. Well I think that covers it , seems like a lot of words for a single New Years resolution lol. Now, as a little bonus to rest your eyes from looking at that wall of bright green text here are some random images I have save from various places that are just current taking up space on my desktop. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I wanted to go ahead and wish everybody a happy holidays early ! May whatever holiday deity you believe in gift you and your family with much happiness and cool new toys!

Friday, December 21, 2018

5.5 random group shot!

I thought I would toss a little 5.5 goodness on the old Green plastic squirtgun and I love this picture but don't really have any reason to post it on Five point five alive  so here it is!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

To each their own..

I'm not big on Christmas decorations,trees ,traditional christmas chotchkies or any of that stuff that people keep in the attic till this time of the year. That being said I felt a momentary twitch in my festivity neurons today ( I thought it was the onset of a seizure at first but it turns out it was just this thing they call "Christmas spirit" ) So without betraying my own decorating sensibilities I gave in to those whimsical festive feelings and tossed some led Christmas lights onto my giant Fortune Tellers advertising hand! Nobody's calling me the grinch this year. 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Grossery Gang: Time Wars

I had a little trouble finding these to start with but now it seems they have all been sent to discount stores (angering those who paid 80$ to 120$ on ebay for some of the hard to find figures). Being a huge cheapskate I figured if I was meant to have them they would turn up at Goodwill or I would luck out and find them in store, and finally I did find them in store.

I'm still looking for some of the older figures that I never say in store and again Im sure they will turn up at Goodwill someday .

Monday, November 12, 2018

Some stuff.

This is where I keep my skeleton warriors and some of my extra 5.5 weapons and my Imagenext slime pit and ..well heck it's where I keep random stuff I guess lol
Im just not very good at getting shelf shots to come out .

RIP Stan Lee

Comic book genius Stan Lee, Spider-Man creator, dies at 95.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Random shelf.

While Im kicking around waiting for stuff to show up in the mail I thought I would stick some filler up on this blog. It's just like tv , no matter how great the show is there will always be filler episodes.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Batman beyond meets Blight

So it looks like this blog has became a place to show my growing collection of Imaginext DC Super friends .I know they aren't everybody's thing but maybe some of you will enjoy them.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

just a little reminder

Just a little reminder for those who might have missed it it the previous times ..I am now making posts at  .Green plastic squirtgun  is no longer receiving  new content so make sure to bookmark five point five alive for my new content!

Monday, September 10, 2018

We don't talk anymore.

Im not going to candy coat this. If I comment on your blog regularly and you never reciprocate I will no longer be commenting on or following your blog.We all put work into these posts and I feel like it's unfair for people to just take a free ride approach and never comment and if I'm a commenter on your blog why are so much holier than thou that you can't reciprocate? I really am directing this at 2 bloggers specifically but it goes for our failing community as a whole. There are so few of us left that we should be this tight knit group but thats not the case. It appears these days that everybody is out for themselves and damn the neighbors .There are 1000's of places for me to see pictures of anything any of you have to post. I look at these blogs and comment because we used to be a community and I enjoyed the interaction between all of us but that has gone the way of AOL .I know this all sounds harsh but its simply the way it is.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Five Point Five Alive

Just a quick reminder , I am returning to work on Five Point Five Alive and Greenplasticsquirtgun will be returning to silent mode for the foreseeable future .Here is a sample of what you might be missing :
Lots of cool stuff in the coming weeks so make sure to check it out!
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