Friday, February 24, 2017

Just a quick group shot

This is a quick group picture I took the other night just to see how these guys photograph together. I take tons of test pictures like this before actually dragging stuff outside so I can see if what I have in mind will work. Most of the time I just delete them once I see what I needed from them  but this one looks pretty cool so I thought I would share it.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Run through the jungle..viper

yeah bad pun I guess. This is a Jungle viper I've had for a while but this is the first time I've taken him outside.

I guess I don't really live in the environment he is meant to blend into but he doesn't look to bad in the deep woods.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Who the heck does this stuff?

So I was at Walgreens following up a tip that they had the new Marvel Legends Angela ( they did in fact have her and Ill get around to taking pictures of her someday) and I spotted this:

Now this clearly isn't the build a figure piece for Absorbing man that this is meant to have with it. This is in fact this figure:

Dc Direct Kingdom Come Deadman with his extremities removed. Who does this? In my eyes this is stealing , not trading or some equivalent exchange like in alchemy but flatout theft. Am I wrong here? This is stealing isnt it? Anyways its a pretty shifty thing to do.  I guess thats enough ranting for now and to make up for it here are some random images .


Friday, February 17, 2017

Wolfman's got nards!

Strange little fact this blog was originally going to be named "Wolfman's got nards!" but I went a different direction ...anyways ..Now my Frankenstein Battle Troll has a friend !

It's been literally years since I have ran across a Battle troll in the wild let alone a super cool one like the Wolfman!I picked this guy up a few weeks ago as part of my amazing Goodwill haul (yeah I'm still milking it). The last cool battle troll I need is the Cyclops and Ill be done with what I wanted from the line.
Click on the moving eye to check out a post from way back 5 years ago when I was still using a $5.00 Disney Princess camara , Poor picture quality but might still be entertaining to those who haven't seen the old stuff.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Toy Biz Marvels Most Wanted Spat and Grovel

This set came out in  1999 (I think) but it has held up pretty well.

These guys can be had very cheap and look great  in a display with Marvel universe figures.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

out with the old

Ill  start this post by saying that 3 times in the past fads have bit me in the butt and the wallet .Back 1998 I didn't lower my price on Furbys fast enough before Christmas and I ended up with 11 unsold Furbies.This wasn't truly a loss as I was able to return them to Toys R Us and get my money back. I still made a profit even with returning the 11 for cost because the 9 that I did sell went for $150 each( a profit of  about $110 each) Then in the 99 I got out of the Beanie Baby business just in time to turn a small profit on the remaining stock I had before the entire world sold off all at once. Then in 2000 I lost my shirt in Pokemon cards overnight , thats all I have to say about the Pokemon crash . Now what do these have to do with today? Well Ill tell you, many many many people are soon going to face a nasty realization that they are not going to get back out what they put in on a modern day Beanie Baby crazy. What is Im talking about? FUNKO POPS! the Pops bubble is going to burst and my feeling is it will happen pretty soon. People sitting on 3000 pops mint in box are going to wake up one morning to find that they are worth about a buck each and they will never get that 25 bucks each they had hoped for. Those who forget are doomed to repeat .Why am I stating this ? Because I'm out, me and Pops have parted ways for good. Sure I still have a few here and there but those are parts of character related collection and not part of a Pop collection. I cashed out and left the table. Recently a small hole in thee wall comic book store opened up in my town. Now for a place the size of a walk in closet they had a great selection of toys. I noticed they seemed to highly favor the Pops. So I made a proposition to the owner and we struck a deal and now my future worthless fad collectables are his and I'm the proud owner of some cool new stuff that doesn't have dead black eyes and swollen Mellon hydrocephalus like heads. Ill get to taking better shots of this stuff at some point but for now here are a few quick shots of a few of the things I got in my Pop purge .

I walked away very pleased with our trade and I'm not missing the Pops one bit. Some of the items I got I haven't pictured here and will unveil them at a later time.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A renewed faith in humanity.

I have been frequenting the local Gamestop for a couple years now just to browse at the shiney things I cant afford. A while back I found a couple of the 3 inch Marvel legends figures but the characters where ones I just didnt want or need so I walked away from them even though the price had been reduced to only $4.00. I bought something that day ( your guess is as good as mine as to what it was I bought that day) but what's more important is the nearly forgettable small chitchat that I briefly had with the guy ringing me up .I said something to the effect that I wish I had got there sooner because the 2 characters from the line I wanted had already sold .I guess he ask me who it was I was looking for and I told him Spiderman Noir and Captain Marvel and he said something to the effect that he worked at 2 other Gamestops and he would take a look for them for me. I'm assuming I muttered thanks while thinking "sure you will buddy" and went on my way completely forgetting the event till today. I walk in the store and the same guy was there ( Gamestop employees all kinda look alike to me , no offence meant but its true) and he was like "ah just the person Iv been waiting for, I found your figures! I was like "what the heck are you talking about" so he reminded me of the chitchat that day and presented me with Spiderman Noir and Captain Marvel! Not only did he find them and bring them to me but they had a nice shiney bright yellow clearance sticker with the price of $1.97 each! Needless to say this made my day.Its rare for somebody you dont know to go out of there way to help you in this world and its great to see that there are still cool people to be found out there. Here is a quick peek at them , Ill give them the proper BrotherMidnight treatment at a later date .

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

XMen assemble !

I decided to follow the lead of Tony over at Toy Break and take a group shot of my XMen.

Strange enough this is the first time I have put them together in a dynamic team pose.I really need Forge , Banshee and Gambit to round out my team but I just don't see that ever happening.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

G.I. Joe Stiletto

This is Stiletto from one of the new Toys R Us 2 packs. I couldn't tell you the last time I went to Toys R Us because it is simply to far away for me to get to but luckily for me strange things happen. You see I found this 2 pack not at Toys R Us or super overpriced on EBay , I found this bad boy at Goodwill for 3 bucks! sure there was nearly nothing left from the cardboard card back but the plastic bubble was fully intact ! I think these packs go for like $20 or something in store and probable double that on Ebay.This was a real shock to see in Goodwill  but this isnt the end of what I found at Goodwill that day and Ill get to more of it later.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Round Robin Challenge : Kids @ Play!

This weeks Roundd Robin Challeng "Always curious about this.With all of us being action figure collectors as kids,I'm wondering what everyone's approach to actually playing with them was.Did you prefer playing alone,or with a friend?Please explain why for both answers.How did you play with them? While you're at It,throw In the kind of relationship you have with your toys.Were you the care free ,I don't care what happens to or who plays with my toys type of kid or were you overprotective of them?Set the scene."
For the first 9 years it was mostly me alone with my toys.Once in a very rare while I would have a friend over but I mean rarely because for some reason whenever I would have somebody over they would steal something and there was nothing worse then a hero just vanish under mysterious circumstances. When I was 9 my brother came around and because of the age gap I was full blown still sitting and playing with toys in my late teens. We had intricate long storylines that  encompassed all our toys.Mask guys hanging out with Thndercats and Transformers chatting up Strawberry shortcake .Heck still to this day Im pretty much the same way , they all coexist in one huge toy universe.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

This...This is going to hurt.

I found this Marvel Select  Abomination at Goodwill the other day. Just a single part a larger score that Ill post more of later.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Round Robin Challenge : Surprise inheritance

Iv been passed the stick of discussion making once again for this bout of the Round Robbin Challenge. Im going to post this  a little early because I have a busy Monday scheduled (3 different  doctors appointment's) and Im not sure what time Ill be home , so here it is.

 Surprise inheritance:  A long lost and previously unknown to you relative has left you the healthy sum of $5000.00 with the stipulation that you have 24 hours to use it on you're choice hobby or it will be sent to a charity dedicated to gold plating the light switches of millionaires. You cant let those one percenters take your inheritance! Lets spend some money!

this sucker goes for $1000.00 all day  everyday !

next I would buy JoeCon 2009 Cobra Crimson Strike Team box set
This one sells for $2000.00 when it can be found at all, but for the sake of this post lets pretend there is a complete set at full retail up on ebay at the moment

next item I buy is MP13 Masterpiece Soundwave.
while not the most expensive item ever he is however high enough thet under normal circumstance I would never buy it.He checks in at $300.00

Acid Rain Bob , Argus , and Troopers x 4
this lot would come in at $300

Next I would pick up Marvel Legends Xmen Jubilee wave
to get the complete wave runs right around $400.00 

The next thing I would buy is the Clash of the Titans Kraken
normal price for him is $1000.

And thats it money well spent!
Check out what my friends would splurge on :
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