Friday, May 26, 2023

I waste my hard earned money so you dont have to ....

 So I was walking around Walmart this morning waiting for the pharmacy to open and I spotted this:

yeah Ill be was only this I really saw:

I thought to myself that 3$ for 10 figures is .30 cents each and seeing that most quarter machine toys cost you .50 cents each these days .30 is a great deal!....Right?....Spoiler....NO! these are pretty crappy.

Lets take a look

Well wasn't that exciting? I was hoping for something like Muscles but yeah they are not so great. Also if I didn't make it completely clear these things are tiny:

probably could have done something better with that 3 bucks.......


  1. The character designs are pretty cool.

  2. Dang. What are they even made of? Doesn't even look like plastic with the sad paint job. The details are good but something looks off. Like it's faded.

  3. They are a soft ,rubbery stuff almost like muscles. All the detail is painted onto a smooth blank body and the colors are not overlayed correctly so they look blurry


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