Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Batman Beyond : Blight

I originally owned Blight back almost 20 years ago but I never opened him.I owned all the Batman Beyond figures at that time but only opened Future Knight Batman and was less then amazed with it so I left the rest in the pack. Then a couple years later I decided it was time to trim down on the recent stuff I had bought (about 5 years worth of stuff) because I was moving cross country and didnt feel like fooling with so much packing so Blight was one of the many that went away back then.

But today I received a new one in the mail from Ebay and thanks to my friend Tony also got a new Batman Beyond figure the day before. Its pretty clear why I like this guy but Ill lay it out : He is my favorite green plastic squirtgun color , He is transparent ' He has a skeleton inside his transparent body and finally he GLOWs! He glows like a nuclear power plant after a melt down  , I rarely  come across luminescence this strong in a toy. He is the perfect storm ,combining many of the things that attract me into one super affordable action figure. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

"The further adventures of an old man" day

So this Friday the 23rd is my " The further adventures of an old man day" aka birthday. Yesterday I got a surprise early birthday gift (complete surprise considering I'm normally the only person to by  me a gift lol) Now, I know from years of experience that non toy posts on here are nearly 90% ignored but Im going to share these things anyway because Im pretty excited about them.

First up is this awesome carved opal skull

now this guy was very hard to take a picture of. Its really very reflective and pretty in person colored almost like a more reflective june bug but in the pictures it just doesn't look that way .Its very cool and is the only glass dino in my collection.

This guy is a great hard ,solid plastic Trex .He is about 6 inches tall and his bright red ads a nice pop of color to one of my Dinosaur shelves

I also got a couple tee shirts of my 2 favorite bands ( Red Fang and Mastodon) but I will not bore you guys with pictures of them :)

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Back from the dead (again)

I have decided to bring back the "want list".Have a look and see if there is anything listed that you are dying to get rid of  or just point and laugh at my absurd taste in toys, either way it's worth a quick peek. Here's the link :

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Its been a long time coming if you ask me. Surly ,unknowledgeable employees ,overpriced outdated stock and poorly stocked shelves is what I routinely found at Toys R Us so this is no shock to me at all.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

He Bro , Heroic champion of another Eternea .

Please forgive the rough condition of his head .When I was shopping for this figure I mostly focused on finding  one that didn't have the plastic virus that is very prevalent in this figure (splotchy purple dots all over the arms and legs) and in doing this I didn't look closely enough at the paint on the head.I plan on replacing this peeling head with a new cast in brown head that will not have this issue so I guess you can call this a work in progress.

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