Monday, March 27, 2017

A candid behind the scenes look at the Skeleton army aka downtime for the forces of darkness

I haven't felt much like blogging as of late . I guess I was feeling a bit of burnout and I started to feel the content I was putting here wasn't my style due to doing weekly "theme" posts on subjects I just couldn't put feeling to. Im hoping to get back on track in the next couple of weeks and cover what I gave myself for my birthday last week.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The forces of evil

I pieced together my perfect Cobra Commander last night. It wasnt the most involved custom ever but it came out to be exactly what I wanted for the leader of my Cobra ranks.

Also last night , I put together my version of The Masters of Evil. Im well aware that Red skull was never in the MoE but Im much more a fan of Red Skull then I am of Baron Zemo.

Thanks to the fact that I have now closed up shop on the Marvel Universe figures I was able to obtain 3 of these guys in trade. Now mind you it's not that I dislike Marvel Universe figures , I cashed out on them because I simply had spread myself too thin.I've really tightened up the belt on my collecting  and by focusing in on just a few things I have been able to really add to those collections. Now I'm pretty solid at Marvel legends, MOTUC, GI Joe , Battle Beasts and Aliens / Predators . Cutting out Funko , Marvel Universe , Thundercats , The other world ,Mcfarlane ,Ninja turtles, Transformers ,and  all the random things I tended to pick up gives me more space and money to really fill out other collections.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Potato head kids , trash or treasure ?

So I saw an old mobile home  being cleaned out the other day .This place has been completely covered in ivy and kudzu for a really long time,Like at least 15 years maybe even 20 or more. A few weeks back there was a bunch of people out on the property hacking, chopping and mowing and after about a week they uncovered the mobile home and like 6 cars and an old ( now flat) storage building. I figured the place was probably empty because frankly I hadn't seen or thought about the place in so long .But it wasn't empty , oh no it was far from empty . The place was packed from floor to ceiling with junk .These potato head kids came out an old christmas popcorn canister and I was actually pretty shocked to see them because they are something you just don't see that much . I would have loved to have dug around more but the people cleaning it out said that nearly everything was covered in mold and rat poop so I shouldn't mess with it. These guys are perfectly fine though and just for safety sake I gave them a good bath.

 Now truthfully I wish it had been a can full of He man or gi joe figures but heck I really cant complain seeing they were completely free.
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