Monday, March 27, 2017

A candid behind the scenes look at the Skeleton army aka downtime for the forces of darkness

I haven't felt much like blogging as of late . I guess I was feeling a bit of burnout and I started to feel the content I was putting here wasn't my style due to doing weekly "theme" posts on subjects I just couldn't put feeling to. Im hoping to get back on track in the next couple of weeks and cover what I gave myself for my birthday last week.


  1. It's all good man,It happens to the best of us!Glad to see you posting again ;)

  2. A happy Late Birthday good sir...

  3. I hear ya Brother, I have been finding it harder and harder to post due to job changes, kids, and other stuff. I hope to at least post once a month about different playsets. Hopefully I can at least make that happen.

    I like that King Kong Spider!


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