Friday, March 3, 2017

Potato head kids , trash or treasure ?

So I saw an old mobile home  being cleaned out the other day .This place has been completely covered in ivy and kudzu for a really long time,Like at least 15 years maybe even 20 or more. A few weeks back there was a bunch of people out on the property hacking, chopping and mowing and after about a week they uncovered the mobile home and like 6 cars and an old ( now flat) storage building. I figured the place was probably empty because frankly I hadn't seen or thought about the place in so long .But it wasn't empty , oh no it was far from empty . The place was packed from floor to ceiling with junk .These potato head kids came out an old christmas popcorn canister and I was actually pretty shocked to see them because they are something you just don't see that much . I would have loved to have dug around more but the people cleaning it out said that nearly everything was covered in mold and rat poop so I shouldn't mess with it. These guys are perfectly fine though and just for safety sake I gave them a good bath.

 Now truthfully I wish it had been a can full of He man or gi joe figures but heck I really cant complain seeing they were completely free.


  1. Cute, reminds me of the McNugget toys you'd get in Happy Meals every few years...

  2. Very cool!Weren't these McDonalds premiums?

    1. I think Mcdonald's had them at one point and also Wendy's had them as a regional thing but I think that more then half of these are actual store bought toys , they just say Hasbro 1987 on them.

  3. Ah, Potato Head Kids. Oneof Sunbow / Marvel's not so popular cartoons shoved in the middle of My Little Pony 'n Friends back in 85'. Good times.

  4. P.S. Check out the cast for the cartoon. You'll see some familiar names; Breckin Meyer, Scott Grimes, Kellie Martin, and you can't forget Kenneth Mars and Linda Gary as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.


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