Friday, February 17, 2017

Wolfman's got nards!

Strange little fact this blog was originally going to be named "Wolfman's got nards!" but I went a different direction ...anyways ..Now my Frankenstein Battle Troll has a friend !

It's been literally years since I have ran across a Battle troll in the wild let alone a super cool one like the Wolfman!I picked this guy up a few weeks ago as part of my amazing Goodwill haul (yeah I'm still milking it). The last cool battle troll I need is the Cyclops and Ill be done with what I wanted from the line.
Click on the moving eye to check out a post from way back 5 years ago when I was still using a $5.00 Disney Princess camara , Poor picture quality but might still be entertaining to those who haven't seen the old stuff.


  1. Not big on these Trolls but I do remember the smaller ones you put on the pencil tops.

    1. but Battle Trolls are special , these guy are made by hasbro and reused weapons from the Swampthing and Gi Joe toy lines! This line had crazy a crazy reused vehicle also.


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