Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Toy Biz Marvels Most Wanted Spat and Grovel

This set came out in  1999 (I think) but it has held up pretty well.

These guys can be had very cheap and look great  in a display with Marvel universe figures.


  1. These have great card backs as well.They look good,bro.

  2. I wondered how in the hell fandom voted on these characters to be made. Had NO idea who they were. Meanwhile Mr. hyde, Cobra, the entire serpent society and thousands of other characters made before these two chumps were never made. Makes me hate millenial fans.

    1. got me, I dont really know who any of them are on the back of the pack. Im guessing because of how popular Gambit was in the late 90's and she is tied up with him. From looking it seems they only appeared in 5 comics in 1997 so I cant imagine these two were super popular.

  3. Wow! Looks amazing. Never seen those in stores...

  4. I had Blink and X-Man as I collected the AOA, never got these guys cause I had no clue who they were lol. They do look cool though and would prob get the Savage Land wave (and the She-Force KB exclusive Shanna and a Spidey for good measure lol) and create the savage land if I ever got these 2 lol.

  5. All we know on the "Savage Land" story-line is the character "Kazar"..


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