Monday, July 30, 2012

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers

 This week’s assignment from the League over at Cool and Collected : Road trip! Summer’s coming to a close but there’s still time for one more vacation. Plot out the ultimate pop culture road trip. My trip wouldn't be all pop culture but would defiantly be interesting.

*Points marked on my map are approximate,so if you try to use it and find yourself  hopelessly lost dont blame me :)

first from my house  a quick trip over to Burke County, North Carolina : Henry River Mill Village filming location of the hunger games
 then to Tennessee.
Gatlinburg, Tennessee:  Cooter's Place Dukes of Hazzard Mini-Museum , 
  Ripley's Believe It or Not! 
 ,Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers, 
  Hollywood Star Cars Museum ,And a bunch of other cool stuff
Caryville, Tennessee: Big Dragon Statue

then to Kentucky
Bowling Green Kentucky. National Corvette Museum.
 Lexington, Kentucky: Dixie Cup Water Tower
on into  West Virginia
 Ansted, West Virginia: Mystery Hole
 Charleston WV: Shoney's Big Boy Museum
 Fairfax County, Virginia: Bunnyman Bridge

on  to Maryland
 Baltimore, MD : Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum
 Baltimore, MD : Edgar Allan Poe grave
 up to Pennsylvania.
 Breezewood Pennsylvania: Abandoned PA Turnpike ,The Road  Movie Location
  Centralia , Pennsylvania :Underground fire real life Silent hill
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: Peeps Factory

Quick stop in  New Jersey
 Bergen County New Jersey: Joey Ramone's grave. Gabba gabba we accept you one of us!

 then to Connecticut
Bridgeport, Connecticut:  Barnum Museum   
 Orange, Connecticut: PEZ Visitor Center

Cheshire, Connecticut: Barker Character, Comic and Cartoon Museum 

Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut: Cursed Dudleytown Ghost Village   

Newport Rhode Island: ,Mysterious Viking Tower 

Then back on my way home .Not listed are the hundreds of  stops to buy exotic gas station drinks and eat in questionable roadside eateries.
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  1. Yo... that was an awesome pretend road trip! But how 'bout leaving some roadside attractions for the rest of us? :P

    Also, if this trip ever happens for real, PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!

    1. HA! I skipped over at least five worlds larges balls of twine and a dozen frozen bigfoots.You can come along but you will miss out on everything before Maryland,That means if I happen to meet Turtleman in Kentucky you will be out of luck.

  2. Sounds like you got some travel plans for the future Brother M.

    1. I wish! In reality I will probably go no farther than Walmart any time in the next 10 years.

  3. This is an excellent road trip! I actually live within 5 miles of that Bunnyman Bridge but have never been to it. Every Halloween the local news recounts the stories, but I've never really felt the urge to go (but now I want to!).

    1. Thanks! I saw that Bunnyman bridge on one of those most haunted places years ago and Iv always thought it would be a fun place to check out.

  4. Dude, if you're coming all the way to RI, you have to swing by Salem MA it's only a couple more hours drive.

    1. I had thought about going all the way up to Maine to the International Cryptozoology Museum and to drive by Stephen Kings house but I thought I should quit before it became a book instead of a post.

  5. Dude, I drove through Centralia yesterday. haha. My wife's parents live 5 mintues from there.

    1. Seems like a really interesting place to visit.Iv been buying artifacts from the town for a few years now.Its crazy to look at the pictures of the town in the 50's and 60's compared to whats still standing now.

  6. Love it! You and I obviously have very similar priorities when it comes to hitting the road! I want to see the Unbelievable Mystery Hole! And local urban legends like the Bunnyman Bridge are always must sees. I think an excellent trip could be made just looking for things like the mothman, Jersey Devil, crocodile men, goat men, and others.

    If you ever do find yourself in ME, look me up (I'll probably be at the Goodwill) and we'll check out Catherine's Hill (I live close by), and see if we can give Catherine a lift. We can go hunting for the Moose Man, and then see what ghosts we can stir up in the haunted inns of Bar Harbor. (I would have taken you to see what lurks under the singing bridge in Sullivan, but they tore it down ages ago...).

    1. Thanks! Im definitely into checking out local creepiness when I travel. I find that most of the time the real fun in a trip is the stuff you see on your way and not so much the final destination. I would love to take tour of all the haunts in Maine! Maine is on top of my list of places I would like to live someday.Likewise if you find yourself in NC we can check out the devils tromping grounds and a few other key spot.

  7. I'm shocked South of the Border didn't make it on the list, unless you've already been there. It's on my list. I hope to see it one of the times we visit friends in Columbia, SC.

    Great list.

    Cavalcade of Awesome

    1. Iv been many many times, Basically every time Iv ever gone to myrtle beach we stop there.

  8. Brother Midnight... Hello
    just got my computer back... not Dead (yet) just downtime
    thanks for checking up on Stacey...
    please inform Hero Press

  9. -Hello Dex...
    been Offline for Months now...
    just stuck in Marshville with a broken hip "(the dog did it)
    Finally back at my computer


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