Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jinafire or how I tested my new camera .

Im still struggling to learn alllll the setting on this beast of a camera and admittedly these are not the best photos Iv ever taken but Ill figure this thing out someday.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Anybody have any extras?

Hey folks Im looking for a few particular  Masters of the Universe Classics figures and Im hoping maybe some of you out there might have extras of (or just no longer want) any of these figures)

Loose is perfect and  I might need others that you are looking to trade so just let me know and Ill put together a trade pack that will make you feel like you won the lottery!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Dinner with a side order of Redwings . The rise of the Skeleton army continues ...

Pop Culture League Challenge: Are you scared?

This weeks challenge from the Pop culture league:

Are you scared?

What frightens you the most?
Ill make this a top 5  list of the things that scare me the most!
  5: large crowds.
 I cant stand being around a lot of people I dont know. Im not saying that I dont go to black Friday sales but Im also not saying that its a fun enjoyable time either.

 4:Deep water.
 If I cant see the bottom then I dont need to be in it.I was once on a cruise and they had people swim in the middle of the open ocean and I was having zero part in that .My wife did it and I had a panic attack. it looked a Little like this
well it looked like that up till a point but that lead me to.............

 I guess my fear off deep water might come from my debilitating fear of sharks.They are my nightmare.

 2: Wide open spaces.
 Im a nester .I like to have things I need around me and I like to be cozy .Vast open areas ( like the ocean or a desert ) creep me the heck out and bring on panic attacks. Im very Agoraphobic.

 1: heights:
 Iv never tripped while walking on flat ground and splattered when I hit the ground.I will never put myself into a situation where I have the possibility of free falling for more in 2 seconds.My knees lock on me if I get to high off of the ground.
And now because I am a Toy bloy here are a few random toy images as an added bonus!

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Customized! The Skeleton King

I got my first good look at the WWE Zombies Triple H the other day on G.I.Jigsaws blog. I knew as soon as I looked at it that I wanted this figure! Not that I have any interest in wrestling figures mind you ,I knew this guy could be so much more. I present to you The Skeleton King!
Im still looking for a few small accessory's and I need to add a little paint but for the most part he has turned out pretty good so far.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

ANYBODY OUT THERE? The rise of the skeleton army continues.... and a request for your help!

Im hoping to get a little help from my fellow bloggers out there! I am currently collecting as many of the cheapo skeleton spiders from family dollar that I can get and Id like to ask if any of you guys can pick up ALL the skeleton spiders your local family dollar might have left in stock. They are $1.00 each and I will completely  reimburse you for the cost of the spider and shipping or we can work out a trade for them! any help adding to the rise of the skeleton army is greatly appreciated!
stay tuned for more Rise of the skeleton army throughout October!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenge:Zombies

This weeks Pop Culture League Challenge:


The dead have arisen!
Ill go with the Walking dead. I love the show! I never miss an episode (not true for Fear the Walking Dead but thats a story for another day)So seeing that Im in no part a writer and this is a "toy" blog lets have a look at some of my zombie related items :

Well thats what I got , not super thought provoking or award winning but maybe somebody out there will be less then bored looking at it.
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