Friday, July 25, 2014

Starring Bea Arthur as Wonder Woman

This is the Corgi Wonder Woman car that I have owned for 35 years. It's funny that I even still have this because I didn't want it in the first place. Even back when I was a kid I knew that she was really ugly.
It really looks more like Rocky Dennis.
I wanted to get the Adventure people Aero Marine Search Team that day,
but these super hero cars where on sale or something; and she used her motherly voodoo to (momentarily) make me believe that quantity was better then quality. I ended up bringing home a bunch of cars that I quickly realized where not as fun as my mind was telling me the yellow Adventure People sub would be.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Loch Nerf Monsters.

This thing was made by Parker Brothers and is incredibly rare and hard to find. I had a conversation with a rabid Nerf collector about this guy once and it was his opinion that this was only released as a small test market and didn't do well enough to see a major mass market release. I know for sure that it was in stores at Christmas in 1983 in the San Antonio, Texas area because that's where the one I own came from. The name of the one I own is Glintz . I have no clue what the others are named.
On a completely different note, Sometime late last night I passed one million page views on Google+!  I know this isn't really exciting to anybody but me. There are other people that have a LOT more views then I do, but I still feel like its an accomplishment.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Room to spread his wings.

When Baxter Stockman woke up this morning he realized that he needed a change.
He needed to find a place where he had more room to spread his wings,
Someplace less crowded where he would be proudly displayed. So he went in search of a new place.
While he was searching he came across a group of weary travelers from a far off land.
They had came here to reunite a child and his long lost father.
They told Baxter that the land they had just left had plenty of shelf space for him and his friends to display themselves proudly. A place called Michigan.
As quickly as he could he gathered up his closest friends and regaled them with the tale of the far off land of Michigan and offered to let them all come along with him. It surprised Baxter to find out that Flat Top already knew a few "good fellas" in that area.
Baxter gathered his meager possessions (his favorite portrait of himself, his flyswatter, and what ever the heck that other thing is)  and readied himself for the journey ahead.
 The group found a suitable means of transportation
and began to pile in.
Once they where all inside Baxter shut the lid and quickly realized his group was not alone! Another group had heard of the upcoming journey and wanted to join Baxter and his group, but wished to remain anonymous and stay out of sight of the giant camera that seemed to documenting everything that Baxter and his friends had been doing.
So, Baxter and his friends will be off on there way soon and I wish them the best of luck in there future endeavors.
 Now I hope I can come up with a princess for Earthworm Jim and his loyal sidekicks to save.

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