Thursday, March 9, 2023

And then there were 4 or how I made a small project last 5 years.

This is my set of customized Madballs head popping action figure. For thee last 5 or so years Iv had 3 of these done but just never got around to finishing the last one .

After having a cardiac arrest and dying for 10 minutes back in January and having a defibrillator implanted I have started thinking about all these little "things" I just havent got to (some of them going back 25 years). So as I complete the unfinished things in my life more posts like this will pop up.


  1. Geez. Hope you are feeling better and glad you're still here with us. You're not alone. I have had a defib implanted for ten years now. They pack a nice jolt when they go off. Mine's only gone off five times in ten years. The fifth incident actually saved my life.

    Cool Madballs by the way!

    1. Im glad to hear that ( the fact that it saved you not that its gone off so many times)! Iv been pretty much alone with this thing in my chest and panicking over every little pain I feel now. Its been the most scary and stressful thing I have ever dealt with and trying to do it alone with no real support system of any kind has just let my mind run wild with the worst possible thoughts . I was just standing outside of work with my boss then I wake up in the hospital and I have been in there 12 days and had no clue what was going on. I had a sudden Vfid .Thanks for the comment !


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