Saturday, July 30, 2022

My hero returns.

Over the years there have been times when I lost or sold off my active toy collection . I am now very slowly working on collection 5.0 .  

This remco Warrior beasts figure was my favorite figure when I was young . This guy was my hero character , he was way more interesting looking than He man and didn't come with a premade back story to stand in the way of my imagination. I am very happy to have him back in my possession. 

This time around with my toy collection Im going to be a lot more mindful about what I'm buying and only buy things I really want to have instead of trying to buy everything just to add bulk to the collection. This last picture was taken years ago with with toys from collection 4.0. I still need to replace this green version of this godzilla figure.

I would like to thank my Friend Tony from the 2 minute toy break blog  for a recent gift box of goodies that really kicked me back into the collecting mood after a number of years away.


  1. I don't remember this line. I went and looked up the figures, and wow, these were really great. Some seem to be rather pricey too, there must be a lot of people still collecting them.

  2. I remember my parents buying me a bunch of these and DC Warlord figs thinking they were He-Man. I loved them just the same! I'm genuinely happy to hear your jumping back into the world of toy collecting! Welcome, welcome back, welcome back!


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