Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Cryptozoology autographs

 **This post was originally posted in 2020 while my blog comments where still being sent to parts unknown .Im reposting it now with updates .***

I'm a huge fan of the strange and weird so naturally Im very into cryptozoology. Recently I decided I wanted to get the autographs of all my favorite cryptozoologists and so far I'm only lacking one from that list (Josh Gates if you are reading this I'm coming for you)  . If you have ever watched any show about any cryptids then you will likely recognize at least one or two of these guys. 

Loren Coleman

Ken Gerhard

Lyle Blackburn 

Frank Feschino Jr.

Also in the same book ( The Braxton County Monster )I now have the signature of Stanton Friedman . Stanton Friedman  was pretty well known from pretty much any show about UFOs .He Sadly passed in 2019


  1. Very cool autographed book collection.

  2. I don't much care for the television specials, but did grow up reading as many books on cryptids as I could get my hands on. It's also still a favorite subject of mine to this day, although admittedly, I'm not as open-minded as I used to be.

    1. Im the same way, a lot of them now seem ridiculous but some still seem possible. I really enjoy resurrection animals like the ivory bill woodpecker and the thylacine.


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