Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Another new year.

 So without going into any detail at all I will say that my 2021 was just terrible (much like 2020) It had many many hurdles and life lessons that just made the entire year a very difficult one. Im hoping this year is better ( in some ways its already starting out better than last year). Over the last week I have been really working on this blog and doing maintenance that I had put off for far to long .I had known there were issues with the blog and any time I sat down and looked at it all of it just seemed overwhelming  so i put it off and put it off but now I think I have a grasp on it. I deleted somewhere around 800 post that where all missing the origenal images and I also deleted posts that just seemed not so great. Now there is a back catalog of posts on here where before I had basically hidden any post made before 2020. I think I have figured out the formatting issues , restored many previously missing images and with the help of a few very helpful people on a forum I think the comments are working as they should ( reader comments posting , follow comments posting and visible to everybody and so on.) In Short this blog much like my life had been a mess for far to long and ignoring the problems didn't accomplish anything. 

Now its a new year and Im hoping to get things rolling on a good path from the start. First thing this morning I dumped a ton of clothing off at goodwill that was all way to big for me now. I also did a very deep cut on my books. Im hoping less clutter around me will just help live a less cluttered life ( that doesn't make as much sense in word as it did in my mind song). Im still no longer a toy "collector" but I do now and then get a little something new and I will once in a while post some pictures of something if I think it's interesting. I personally have to be very careful with collecting because it's an addiction for me and like any junkie I let things get entirely out of hand ( to the point where a clean out of my house is forced upon me and "professionals" come and throwaway 98% of whats in the house) but even with that issue I do still pick up something new once in a while now.

Its crazy to look at the small handful of people still blogging around here compared to the crazy number of people who where doing it 15 years ago when I started out. Nearly all the people who influenced my decision to start a blog back then are gone now . Some people from this blog world I feel like I watched grow up going from high school or collage kids to full fledged adults with great jobs and a few kids .Lives have changed and the world has changed but it nice to know that there are still those few of you out there still finding the time to try and keep blogging alive for another year.

Im closing this rambling incoherent post Id just like to say thank you to those who have stuck around and still feel its worth your time to click on to one of my posts in the reading list. Long gone are the days of 3000 views per post but now those 40 or so views each post gets means a lot to me . 

Here are some random images .Some might have been here before others I know for sure have never been posted (baby possum anybody?) 


  1. Welcome back. Hoping this year is better for you, and all of us. Cute hedgehog.

    You can never have too many skeleton spiders. Just saying!

    What is the last photo - the mystical skeleton lady?

    1. Thats a baby possum ( it was less than friendly) that last picture is of this :

    2. thanks. whoa - you're right - that is a possum. crazy!

  2. We bloggers are a dying breed but most of us are too stupid to roll over and die :D
    Glad to know another one of us is still out there!

  3. Nice to hear from you again, Brother 👍


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