Sunday, January 6, 2019

Project Bumblejumper : post one.

Recently I picked a Transformers G1 Bumblejumper out of the quarter toy bin at Goodwill (SCORE!) . He was missing the rubber tires and really thats no big deal but then I ham fisted and broke the pegs off of the head plate (D'oh!) Now what we have here is a project! I love projects.I plan to document the process of restoring this valuable little car back to a place where he is valuable once again.My hope is that this project will take place in one step and I will be able to fix him by cannibalising one of the new Walmart Bumblebees. Here are some pictures of him in his current state :

Now , on a side note you may have noticed the change in appearance of the old blog here. For those who were not around back then this is the origenal (almost) look of this blog from way back in 2012.Im changing formats and going back to being a full geek culture blog  to give myself the freedom to post about whatever I feel like so going back to my origenal look felt like a good choice. I will still post toys but also anything else I feel like (5.5 Alive will still be strictly 5.5 figures though).


  1. It's better to post what you want then what you feel others might want.Good luck on the BB restoration ,Brother!

    1. Any chance I have to make $150.00 off of a .25 investment is worth the time to restore .Its crazy to think Bumblebee and Cliffjumper are worth like $15 each but the strange off character (that never had an official name) is worth 150.00 or more.


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