Wednesday, October 11, 2017

one of those days...

Its no secret that I have a lot of stuff..well maybe a little more then a lot maybe an insane amount ..but i digress..
Having a lot of stuff means having storage .I literally have a storage nightmare around me at all time .But anyways , I was doing a few pictures today and took a few things out of their storage containers and now the blasted things will not go back in where they came from. I haven't had this kind of problem since I stop putting up (and taking down ) a fake Christmas tree every year. Im sure this isn't very interesting to anybody but its driving me nuts so I thought I would share my infuriation  with all of you.


  1. Ya gotta put those in the closet.Skeletons are best kept in a closet.

    1. ha! If I only had an empty closet. Most people never have the issue in life of having no room for their 2 gallon bag of skeletons

    2. Um I bet most people don't 2 gallon bags of skeletons lol! However I think its cool that u do :D


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