Tuesday, January 31, 2017

G.I. Joe Stiletto

This is Stiletto from one of the new Toys R Us 2 packs. I couldn't tell you the last time I went to Toys R Us because it is simply to far away for me to get to but luckily for me strange things happen. You see I found this 2 pack not at Toys R Us or super overpriced on EBay , I found this bad boy at Goodwill for 3 bucks! sure there was nearly nothing left from the cardboard card back but the plastic bubble was fully intact ! I think these packs go for like $20 or something in store and probable double that on Ebay.This was a real shock to see in Goodwill  but this isnt the end of what I found at Goodwill that day and Ill get to more of it later.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Round Robin Challenge : Kids @ Play!

This weeks Roundd Robin Challeng "Always curious about this.With all of us being action figure collectors as kids,I'm wondering what everyone's approach to actually playing with them was.Did you prefer playing alone,or with a friend?Please explain why for both answers.How did you play with them? While you're at It,throw In the kind of relationship you have with your toys.Were you the care free ,I don't care what happens to or who plays with my toys type of kid or were you overprotective of them?Set the scene."
For the first 9 years it was mostly me alone with my toys.Once in a very rare while I would have a friend over but I mean rarely because for some reason whenever I would have somebody over they would steal something and there was nothing worse then a hero just vanish under mysterious circumstances. When I was 9 my brother came around and because of the age gap I was full blown still sitting and playing with toys in my late teens. We had intricate long storylines that  encompassed all our toys.Mask guys hanging out with Thndercats and Transformers chatting up Strawberry shortcake .Heck still to this day Im pretty much the same way , they all coexist in one huge toy universe.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

This...This is going to hurt.

I found this Marvel Select  Abomination at Goodwill the other day. Just a single part a larger score that Ill post more of later.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Round Robin Challenge : Surprise inheritance

Iv been passed the stick of discussion making once again for this bout of the Round Robbin Challenge. Im going to post this  a little early because I have a busy Monday scheduled (3 different  doctors appointment's) and Im not sure what time Ill be home , so here it is.

 Surprise inheritance:  A long lost and previously unknown to you relative has left you the healthy sum of $5000.00 with the stipulation that you have 24 hours to use it on you're choice hobby or it will be sent to a charity dedicated to gold plating the light switches of millionaires. You cant let those one percenters take your inheritance! Lets spend some money!

this sucker goes for $1000.00 all day  everyday !

next I would buy JoeCon 2009 Cobra Crimson Strike Team box set
This one sells for $2000.00 when it can be found at all, but for the sake of this post lets pretend there is a complete set at full retail up on ebay at the moment

next item I buy is MP13 Masterpiece Soundwave.
while not the most expensive item ever he is however high enough thet under normal circumstance I would never buy it.He checks in at $300.00

Acid Rain Bob , Argus , and Troopers x 4
this lot would come in at $300

Next I would pick up Marvel Legends Xmen Jubilee wave
to get the complete wave runs right around $400.00 

The next thing I would buy is the Clash of the Titans Kraken
normal price for him is $1000.

And thats it money well spent!
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A quick and easy custom

Sometimes the littlest change can really help an action figure. The head on my Lady Jaye was probably the ugliest head sculpt since the Mego  Comic Action Hero Wonder Woman !

So I went looking for a head replacement and found that the head from  a Star Wars Rey figure looks much better. Here is how she looks now:

For such a simple change I feel it really improves this figure and Im very pleased with her now.

Monday, January 16, 2017


Well I guess collecting in general is my obsession but I have one thing that I go out of my way to look for. I have my eyes trained to quickly scan any pile of books for Little Golden Books. I never set out looking for anything in general other then Little Golden Books.
They are my secret little collection because I know the handful of people who check out my blog probably have zero interest in them so Iv never said anything about them before now.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Round Robin Challenge:My Heroic Origin

If you were a hero, super or otherwise, what would be your origin and your powers? More than a good rogues gallery, every hero needs a compelling backstory. Well I have thought about this before ( mostly in highschool when I liked to think myself the next Frank Miller or Dave Sim).I once long ago shared one of my little doodles on my nearly forgotten art blog Here:


I really rarely show any of my art to anybody but this character is what I envisioned my superhero persona as. His name was Nowhere man ( yeah subtle Beatles reference there) he had a sidekick named Void girl .His powers came from an ancient book that was slipped into his backpack while he was at the library. Before his powers he was a person that nobody noticed or remembered so much to the point that when he went missing his parent couldn't give a description of what he looked like and soon forgot he was ever even there .This book was a gift and a curse. He had always felt he wasnt really there , that nobody could see him, utterly invisible to the society around him .This book amplified this feeling into a corporeal state and he was now  nothing  and nowhere to be seen, he had became a nowhere man. He could pull people into himself , into the nowhere void where nothing could escape without his intervention , a place where time moved a rate of years to our milliseconds .A place where there was nothing but time to be alone and ponder why it is you have met this hopeless fate, a million years alone with your own thoughts, a truly horrible punishment .The book was one book out of the volume of destiny , a set of book meant only for the eyes of a higher power. 13 books from the set somehow made their way to the mortal plain at the beginning of time and have been nothing but trouble to mankind since. So thats my story and here are a couple never before seen doodles from a time long ago. The first one is a visual representation of the madness of the void .The 2nd one is a very rough preliminary  sketch of Nowhere man fighting his main villein Sanity Assassin . The last one is of the villein turned best friend / sidekick Electric vampire killer.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Round Robin Challenge:Piece de la resistance

I went back to checked and it seems that the topic for todays Round Robin Challenge  falls well into my incompetent hands so here it is: Piece de la resistance; What do you consider the very best in your collection,  was it a full collection accomplishment that you still pat yourself on the back over or an amazingly priced item that you never thought you would own? For me its not a very grand accomplishment like owning a full set of Masters of the Universe figures or finding that elusive exclusive Pop! For me its a modest collection   of an obscure bendy figure from the 80's , FROGGACUDA! Iv had a love affair with this guys since he first graced the pegs at Kmart . I lost my original when I rolled my first car down a hillside into a tree and had to be cut out of the mangled mess. Froggacuda was my dashboard copilot but he like I fell asleep at the wheel and was lost .In the 30 years since that wreck I have bought every single Froggacuda I have came across.
Seeing that everybody is waiting on my slow butt to get their posts done nobody has yet posted , but once they do you can check them out below .

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017

Round Robin Challenge: Fire All Over,Fire All Over!

So this week Im taking part in the new post challenge Round Robin .If a fire broke out what would I grab first? Its a hard call . I guess Im lucky that I have 3 completely full storage bins where a lot of my older stuff is kept but thats neither here nor there when it comes to this topic. The thing I would grab would probably be my Super sized Creature from the Black Lagoon :

He is 22 inches of pure awesome and would be pretty difficult for me to replace.
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Toy Break
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