Monday, January 30, 2017

Round Robin Challenge : Kids @ Play!

This weeks Roundd Robin Challeng "Always curious about this.With all of us being action figure collectors as kids,I'm wondering what everyone's approach to actually playing with them was.Did you prefer playing alone,or with a friend?Please explain why for both answers.How did you play with them? While you're at It,throw In the kind of relationship you have with your toys.Were you the care free ,I don't care what happens to or who plays with my toys type of kid or were you overprotective of them?Set the scene."
For the first 9 years it was mostly me alone with my toys.Once in a very rare while I would have a friend over but I mean rarely because for some reason whenever I would have somebody over they would steal something and there was nothing worse then a hero just vanish under mysterious circumstances. When I was 9 my brother came around and because of the age gap I was full blown still sitting and playing with toys in my late teens. We had intricate long storylines that  encompassed all our toys.Mask guys hanging out with Thndercats and Transformers chatting up Strawberry shortcake .Heck still to this day Im pretty much the same way , they all coexist in one huge toy universe.


  1. Ha ha!Come to think about It,I was never that intricate with my play time story lines.They were pretty drawn out,though.

  2. I think my toys may be a little jealous of yours. yours get a lot more sun and out-time

  3. of course, there was that one winter we wanted to recreate Hoth outside in the snow.

  4. I had my toys interact but only if they were the same scale lol. Can't believe how similar we played with toys though. Great pictures.


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