Monday, September 26, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenge: Listicular Fortitude

This week at the Pop Culture league :

Listicular Fortitude

Top Ten…
Monster cartoons of the past!

10: Toonsylvania
9: The Drak Pack
8: Frankenstein jr

7: Gravedale High
6: Duckula
5: Bump In The Night
4: The Mini Monsters
3: Little Dracula
2: Ahh Real Monsters
1: Monster Force
there we are , my personal top ten monster cartoons! Now as a supersize bonus my top 10 favorite Mastodon songs!
10: Divinations
9: Octopus Has No Friends
8: Colony Of Birchmen
7: High Road
6: Dry Bone Valley
5: Motherload
4: Blasteroid
3: Quintessence
2: Oblivion
1: Curl Of The Burl
Oh boy time for one more! This is my top ten list of things I want to own but never or sell for more then Im willing to pay.
10: Agent Slade
9: GI Joe Roddy Piper
8: Dick Tracy thee Blank
7: The Great Garloo
6: Micronauts Lobros
5: Gummi Bears Bubbles the Baby Dragon and 4: Gummi Bears Tunnel Eagle vehicle

3: Micronauts Ampzilla
2: Clash of The Titans  Kraken

1: Big Loo

Three for the price of one! who doesn't like getting something for free? Now for more top ten list fun check out these list from other members of the league:
20 years before 2000
Toy Break!
Mr Smiths Plastic Bubble 


  1. I loved watching Gravedale High w/ Rick Moranis on Saturday mornings! No Beetlejuice?

    1. I love the Beetlejuice cartoon but its not really as "monstery" as these are.

  2. Replies
    1. on a expanded list Groovie Goolies would come in right around 11 or 12 ;)

  3. Drak Pak rocked! Mastodon? Will have to peruse those a little more. Unleash the Kraken! Excellent lists.

    1. Drak pack was really cool but its a little dated when you watch it now. Mastodon is my favorite thing to put on while Im doing my house stuffs , not everybody's thing but I find them pretty relaxing and on a technical level they are just as good as Rush.

  4. All good choices but how can Count Duckula be so low? lol. Ironically I did 3 as well but had not seen that you did 3 to until I was done lol!

  5. I remember about 3 of those cartoons. I also, years ago, helped a person get one of those Kraken figures on Ebay... That was a bidding war. I'm sure it woould be far higher now. I remember Lobros(did not have him) and I never saw Ampzilla

  6. Man, I already wanted that Roddy Piper that I can never afford. Now I want a Slade the Super Agent too. Time to buy another lottery ticket, I guess.

    1. Ha! Yeah Slade (if you are lucky and see him) will set you back like 3k

  7. OMG!! most of those cartoons were aired on Latin América! The ones I don't remember are: The Monster Force, Litle Dracula and Bump In The Night.
    I can't believe reading this made me look for screenshots of those old dusty cartoons :D


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