Monday, August 6, 2012

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers

This week’s assignment from the League over at Cool and Collected : Reboot and recast! Hollywood loves a reboot–Remake one of your favorite movies with a cast of current Hollywood stars. My picks might not be the most current stars (My subscription to tiger beat  magazine expired so Im not up to date)but I think its a pretty good cast. And now I present :

Brad Pitt as Travis Bickle

Chloe Grace Moretz as Iris

Johnny Depp as  Sport / Mathew
 Tim Burton as  The Unnamed Passenger
  Taylor Swift as Betsy 
Seth Rogan as Tom
  Robin Williams as Wizard 

Woody Harrelson as Easy Andy
 George Clooney as Charles Palantine
Steve Buscemi as Doughboy
 Chris Rock as Charlie T
Rihanna as Concession Girl

 This should make for one terrible movie ....... But still better than most of  Michael Bay's movies.

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  1. Geez....This is a hard one for my first assignment. I have NO idea who the new crop of stars are...

    1. Yeah I had the same problem. I dont keep up them either. I watch the movies but I never know who is hot and who is not.

  2. This actually isn't a bad idea! I'm totally with you on most of your casting except for a couple. Taylor Swift?! But your casting for Iris is dead on.

    1. Thanks! I just like Taylor Swifts face,I figured she could pull off that part and it would draw in her fan base to increase ticket sales.


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