Monday, August 27, 2012

Ninja Attack!

 This week’s assignment from the League over at Cool and Collected : Ninja Attack! Who would you take in an 80′s character fantasy draft? Your team’s goal will be to defeat a shady conglomerate of Russian businessmen and their team of hired ninjas. It’s go time. Easy enough.

1: Ash from Evil Dead 

 Why? Because every team needs the member thats there just for goofy humor.

 2: Link from the Legend of Zelda

 Why? He's small , nimble ,fast and equipped to take on all challengers.

  3: The Kurgan from Highlander

 Why? He's a nearly unstoppable maniac  with a twisted taste for killing.

  4:  Predator 

Why? Crafty, cunning ,strong and deadly. If you went to fight ninjas wouldn't you want him on your team?

5: Chuck Norris from wherever he wants to be from.

 Why? Because he's Chuck Norris thats why.

 checkout how the rest of the leage combats those blasted ninjas  

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  1. Damn. That team rocks! I think Chuck Norris doesn't need a team.


    1. Your right but he might decide to wonder off and fight giant mutant sharks so it doesn't hurt to bring a few back ups :)

  2. Dig it!! and yes...Chuck Norris will be whatever he WANTS to be :)

  3. Nothings says killin' ninjas like Chuck Norris, an alien, an immortal, an elf, and a boomstick. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks!A little robot action probably wouldn't have hurt but I think its good the way it is.

  4. Awww... I didn't know the Russian Ninjas were going to be so cute... I f I had I would have taken it easier on them. :(

    1. Don't let their looks fool, you they are deadly killing machines......from the quarter machines.


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