Friday, August 10, 2012

Lets see whats on T.V.

Lets take a look at whats on tv  Friday night  of January 31, 1992
 Good thing I still have the TV guide  for that week.
  We will ignore everything else and focus on ABC because everybody loves TGIF in 1992.

so at 8pm we have Family Matters  
Brown Bombshell "Estelle wants to share the stories of her late fighter-pilot husband and World War II's Tuskegee Airmen with her family, but nobody is interested"
sounds interesting enough.

Next at 8:30pm the premiere episode of Capitol Critters 
Max Goes to Washington "After Max the mouse's family is murdered by pest control workers, he goes to White House to live with his cousin Berkley."

Ah  Capitol Critters thats what I wanted to see! This show ran for 7 episodes before it was canned . In its short time on tv it received the toy treatment in the form of kids meal toys and these 8 inch action figures made by Kenner.
These toys had squishy body's made out of something like a madball. I dont know how you can go wrong with an animated mouse voiced by  Neil Patrick Harris

so at 9pm its baby talk  
Broadway Baby "Repeat" 
 "A follow-up to the popular Look Who's Talking movie series, this half hour situation-comedy featured the adventures of Baby Mickey (voice supplied by Tony Danza), being raised by Maggie, a single mother starting her life over in the city."

Yikes Im sorry abut that...

at 9:30pm we have Billy
Pilot episode
"spinoff to "Head of the Class". Billy MacGregor, the wacky Scot who took over the IHP class after Mr. Moore left, has moved on now that Filmore High is rubble. He has decided to move to California (with his plant, Ringo). In order to avoid being deported, Billy marries a working mother with kids. There is one condition though: No romance, no sex, and no affection of any kind. Despite that, Billy's charms win her kids over."

at least  He was good in Fido and The Boondock Saints

So there you have it , We took a trip back in time and didnt have to deal with that stuck up know it all  Mr Peabody.Pretty funny that 3 out of the 4 TGIF shows that season didnt last more then a few months.


  1. I almost cast Billy Connolly in my MOTU reboot. As Duncan.

    1. you know, thats really not a terrible choice. I think it could work.

  2. 1992. Wow the only show I remember was Family Matters. Where was I? Oh yeah playing with my toys.


    1. I was in my late teens with nothing better to do on a Friday nigh.I had for the most part given up on toys at that point but it didn't last long.

  3. Whats Billy Connolly up to these days? Acting still? I always liked him.

    Capitol Critters was a program i never seen let alone realized that toys were made of it.

    1. He is Dain Ironfoot in the new Hobbit movies. yeah Capitol Critters didn't last long but it still got a happy meal promotion a video game and a few other tie in items. I would say it was more successful than The Fish Police that was on at the same time.

    2. Fish Police i think i vaguely remember that one.

    3. Fish Police was really cool.I still have the comic books for it somewhere. The other animated show on in prime time then was Family dog and it was in my opinion the best of the 3.

  4. NO WAY, I completely forgot about Capitol Critters. I used to love that show. I have get my hands on that muggle figure, he was always my favorite.

    1. considering that these are 2 decades old its surprisingly inexpensive to buy these guys.I got them for something like $7.00 each in mint condition.


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