Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa !

 In the 1800's, a mysterious comet hits the U.S. southwest, transforming the local cattle and animals into their own version of the old west called Moo Mesa, complete with several lawmen dealing with bizarre outlaws.


  1. Love these and with Boothill Buzzard for the win. : )

    1. Boothill Buzzard is my favorite also :) He was the hardest to get because he was released in limited quantity's.Im the process of getting the complete set I ended up with 5 of Moo Montana.

    2. lol that happens and also if i remember correctly there was a arcade game based off these guys if you didn't know that. : )

    3. Your right there was an arcade game ,I used to see the arcade game chip board on ebay all the time but I have no way to play it.


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