Saturday, July 7, 2012

Christmas In July .My top 10 classic tv Christmas episodes

I cant think of a better time than a hot July day to rundown my top 10 favorite classic Tv Christmas episodes.These are my pre global warming yule time favorites. 

 10.Dennis the Menace, The Christmas Story .1959

 9. The Twilight Zone, Five Characters In Search Of An Exit. 1960

 8.The Andy Griffith Show, Christmas Story .1960

7.Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Back for Christmas.1956

6.M.A.S.H., Dear Dad .1972

5.The Beverly Hillbillies, Christmas at the Clampetts .1963

4.Happy Days, Guess Who's Coming to Christmas. 1974

3.The Addams Family, Christmas with the Addams Family .1965

2.Bewitched, Humbug Not To Be Spoken Here.1967

1.The Twilight zone, Night of the Meek..1960


  1. That Bewitched Picture.......I always had a thing for Elizabeth Montgomery:)

    1. Same here,Thats why its the biggest picture on the page ;)

  2. My god I love that Twilight Zone episode. It's one of the episodes that really kept me guessing until the end and I didn't figure out things until five seconds before the big 'reveal'. Of course I can't enjoy the episode the same way now that I know the ending but I always will remember that feeling of wonder they created.

    1. The toy episode is in my top favorite twilight episodes.Its kind of like the grandfather of the Toy story movies.


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