Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A few dark secrets that could get me banished from the geek kingdom

We all have our dark secrets and these are a few of mine.

1.Im not a huge fan of  Star Wars and dont collect anything related to it.
Sure I played with the toys as a kid  but I also played with sticks , milk jug lids, and empty Velveeta cheese boxes . I dont feel the need to collect any of that stuff or Star Wars stuff.

2. The last time I read a current issue of a comic book was over a decade ago in August of 2001.It was this book
JSA 25. The last marvel comic I read ( excluding the marvel zombies and The dark Tower graphic novels ) was 2 decades ago and it was this
Spider Man 16 November 1991.I completely lost all interest in Marvel comics when I discovered some of the darker DC books that would later become part of the Vertigo imprint.

3.I do not like the Godfather movies ...at all.
 I cant even make it half way into  the first one before Im ready to change the channel.

 4.I do not like most of the new nostalgia driven Hollywood rehash movies.I did not like Transformers, GI Joe ,or The Christopher Nolan BatMans.
 Gritty is not always better And would it really have been that hard to make realistic cg Transformers that still kept the original deigns of the characters?

5. I have never played Xbox , Xbox 360 ,PS3, and have only briefly once played  the Wii

.Im a Gamecube and Dreamcast guy and pretty much anything before them. I still play  Jet Grind Radio all the time.
Well thats it...Please dont egg my house now.


  1. No worries on these secrets Brother M we all have our share of things we don't care for or like in the Dork Kingdom as much as we have things we just love. : )

    1. Yeah thats true but I sure do get some strange looks when I tell people I dont really like star wars almost like Im saying I dont like having prehensile thumbs.

    2. lol i can take it or leave it any more to be honest.

  2. I don't care much for Star Trek. Never have; probably never will. Feel better? :)

    1. No now Im sad that you are missing out on Star Trek, the greatest thing ever conceived. ;)

    2. That's the thing, though. I've seen most of what there is to see in Star Trek. The original show, The Next Generation, the movies because my boyfriend is a big Trekkie. I just don't enjoy it. It honestly bores me to tears. While I certainly appreciate it, I just can't bring myself to get excited about it.

    3. To be truthful Iv never gone out of my way to watch star trek. I'm definitely not a Trekkie.I think the borg are interesting but thats about it.I agree with you the movies are some boring stuff.

  3. 1. Star Wars is great in my eyes but it was a long way for me to come back to that viewpoint since the prequels turned me off to sci-fi for a decade. I can't defend something that's 50 percent unwatchable.

    2. The last comic I read was Lenore in 2004.

    3. If you watch Godfather on TV, I can't see how you didn't stab yourself in the eye yet with that ceaseless cavalcade of commercials. (that are somehow 1,000 decibles louder than the actual movie)

    4. Totally agree...bayformers and speed suits haunt my dreams

    5. I'd say you're missing out for Bioshock and the Arkham games but anymore I mainly use my wii a cheap Chrono Trigger fix on the virtual console and my 360 to play Symphony of the Night.

    and Jet Grind Radio, sir, kicks all sorts of ass.

    1. Ah Im not alone.I bought Bioshock Bigdaddy figure just on its size and appearance,I always wondered if the game was fun.I have good intentions to play the copy of Chrono Trigger I have on the super Nintendo someday. Jet Grind Radio is the reason I keep buying batteries for the Dreancast memory thing.


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