Wednesday, April 5, 2017

official press release and the state of my MOTUC collection

I had kind of quietly hit on this a couple posts back and again in the comments of my last post but it seems to have gone under the radar .So here I am officially announcing my retirement from weekly challenge type posts. No more queue of the week ,prompt or weekly challenge type  posts from me. I think the idea of it is a good one but in practice it doesn't show any real results. The idea being that a group gets together and all post on the same topic and link to other blogs as a means of cross pollination but I haven't seen it work. Not in any of the different weekly challenge groups have a I seen a boost in comments or views and added to that fact I simply do not enjoy doing them. There is only so many ways you can rehash the same basic idea and over the course of time that I've been involved with these different challenge groups pretty much any topic that is suited for my blog style has been covered .It had started to feel repetitive and forced  kinda like how Stephen King's books  have started to feel like he is plagiarizing himself.I started to get real Deja vu with the themes and looked back through the body of my work and I could see why.Historically on this blog I can guarantee that if a post is extra wordy that will have a substantially lower view count .That is basically why I whittled it down to a format of no words and one cool image , it's my style .I enjoy taking artistic picture and would never under any circumstance call myself a writer. That fact made the weekly challenge posts  even more frustrating when it would be a queue that basically called for writing over pictures. These posts truly stopped being fun and enjoyable with the first round of The League of Extraordinary  Bloggers , after that they started to feel like an obligation and a chore .So I felt that this needed to be said , I'm not slighting anybody and I'm not trying to cause hard feeling for stepping out of that scene .It's just not for me anymore and any effort to continue with it would be a hollow and meaningless facade with no feeling to it.

Now on to something a lot funner , this is my Masters of The Universe Classics collection  so far.

Now It wouldn't be right of me to show this collection without putting forth the fact (and a huge thanks to) that all but 4 of these figures came in trades from my good friend Alexis. Without her help this collection would never have got off of the ground as these figures are more expensive then I for the most part can afford.I hope this collection grows larger but I can't say for sure that it will or not.
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