Tuesday, December 4, 2012

LOEB: Merry Geekmas

 This week’s assignment from the League over at Cool and collected: Merry Geekmas!Write or photograph something festive and pop culture oriented.My first though here was to just recycle this old post but decided against that so instead I offer to you The 10 Christmas gifts that hold my fondest memory's.

10. Suckerman . This guy was one of those toys that I grabbed every time I was let loose in the toy isle and my mom said no to over and over again. I received this for Christmas sometime in the late 70's and it stands out as one of my most memorable gifts because I was incredibly sick that Christmas and I threw up on him while unwrapping him.

9. Manglore mountain. If I had known then what I know now I would never have tore Manglore apart as soon as ha came out of the box...

8. Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fangs .I was ask by telephone by my Grandfather what I was interested in for Christmas that year and I named off a few things and this was the main thing I wanted .On Christmas day that year I found a present that was large and in wrapping paper that was different from everything else under the tree , it was the Fortress of Fangs  from my Grandfather along with $30.00 in a envelope tape to the box  and a letter saying that every good fort needs some solders to guard it . My Grandfather passed a few weeks later and I kept the Fortress of Fangs in the best shape I could for the next 20 years until it was lost with a number of other box's in a move across country

7.The Krusher . From the first time I saw the tv commercial for this guy I didn't stop asking for it till I got it. I played with this thing for years and he finally fell apart.

6. Monark  rocket bicycle. My very first bike was a used Monark  rocket that I was given by an elderly woman who lived on the other side of the field behind our house. I learned how to ride it on a two car concrete drive way that had a metal pole right in the center of it ,That metal pole seemed to have a super strong gravitational pull on my bike and caused my much pain and grief for the first month or so that I had the bike.The next Christmas my parents bought me a brand new shinny popular brand bike and I quickly scrapped the Rocket but now as an old man I look back and wish that I had kept it.

5.The Cure t shirt. This shirt was given to me by my oldest and dearest friend ,She went well out of her way in a pre internet world to find this shirt for me  and Im still not sure how she talked her parents into buying it for me (tho I never really ask).In our tiny redneck town we were the only "different" kids so we were naturally drawn to each other .I still to this day have the shirt but the image is almost completely gone and it is gray instead of black and would almost fit on my thigh (almost..ol Brothermidnight has seen thinner days.)

4.The book of Gnomes. I received the book of gnomes the first Christmas after leaving my parents home .It was a real surprise when I opened it and led me directly into collecting gnomes .The book and the person who gave it to me both left my life long long ago .

3.Ah! My Goddess wall scroll .This was a Christmas gift from a coworker my first   Christmas after moving to San Francisco .I was living in a very small apartment that had windows at sidewalk level, I had told my coworker that I was tired of constantly looking at peoples feet as they passed my windows so he gave me the wall scroll to use as a curtain . All these years later I still use wall scrolls as window covers.

2. Masters of the Universe Ram man  .This guy was a secret Santa gift I  got in school.I dont know who it came from but it was a lot better then the bag of army men I took in for the swap. Old Ram Man is  sitting on my ccomputer desk as I type this.

1. Play arts Final fantasy Vivi .I was given this last year. I will cherish it till the day I pass from this world.

Thats my list lots of other gift came and went but these are the ones that really stick out as special in my memory. Check out what Christmas glee some of the other leagers are stepping in:
Cool and Collected

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