Wednesday, October 13, 2021

My little toy storyline. A simple outline.


In the year 2012 a cloud of dark matter crosses through the alterverse and gives rise to the army of the skeletons.

in 2018 the army of the skeletons have firmly taken control of the alterverse ,laying waste to all who opposed them.

In the year 3177 the great garloo travels back in time to the year 2019 and releases genetically altered super tardigrades that feed primarily on the calcium in bones.

in the year 2020 the tardigrade horde has all but annihilated the army of the skeletons and begin to turn their hunger on the dwindling human population. Within a few short months the human race has became extinct. Concurrently at a now abandoned government research facility where experiments to create a human race without a calcium based skeletal system where being conducted ,a trio of the only (somewhat) successful  new humans escape captivity. The Garloos are now loose in the world.

In 2021 the Lord of fire walks the earth. He quickly conquers the tardigrades and makes them his minions. At the same time he uses his dark powers to resurrect a small number of the skeleton army  and welcomes the Garloos into his unholy court .The ultimate plans of the Lord of fire are currently unknown.       


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