Monday, June 15, 2020

A cautionary tale

So , back in like 2012 some random person left a comment on one of my posts asking about buying  a Batman brave and the bold prototype figure. I had 3 of that figure at the time so I let one go to this guy who said he was buying them as decorations for his babies room. I conversed with this person for a while and sold him a few more things. In late 2013 I posted about the fact that due to a lot of compiled issues I lost one of my 3 storage lockers full of stuff.The locker I lost was all toys , including brave and the bold and super hero squad figures. I told this person this but they just kept hounding me about them going as far as giving my personal contact info to other people and contacting people he found that were around me ( even emailed my ex wife.) Now I went to a lot of trouble to block this person in every way possible but wouldn't you know it as soon as I posted something on this new blog that was even a little about toys here he comes again asking about long gone junk. I mean it's been the better part of a decade now and this wackado is still stalking me .How much clearer do I need to be? I lost the storage locker, a few years later I lost another and then last year I lost everything in the house, I covered all of this to a point on my blog. Why does this person think that being a constant pain in the butt is going to get him anything? So thats the story , I just wanted to maybe say be careful who you deal with online because some of them might just be nutjobs.


  1. I would have filed some kind of a report on this guy/girl. Especially If It escalated to people in my family being contacted. Looks like you might be dealing with a case of toy fatal attraction.

    1. I have heard from other people that he has also been a constant problem for them once he knew they had something he wanted. Asking somebody over and over again if they are now ready to sell something from their collection just isn't the right way to go. I couldn't believe that he gave my email and home address to some guy here in NC who then messaged me and told me he wanted to stop by and look at stuff to buy when I had told him I had nothing for sale.


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