Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Grossery Gang: Time Wars

I had a little trouble finding these to start with but now it seems they have all been sent to discount stores (angering those who paid 80$ to 120$ on ebay for some of the hard to find figures). Being a huge cheapskate I figured if I was meant to have them they would turn up at Goodwill or I would luck out and find them in store, and finally I did find them in store.

I'm still looking for some of the older figures that I never say in store and again Im sure they will turn up at Goodwill someday .


  1. These have a very vintage feel to them.Did they come with accessories?

    1. the versions I found are the small card versions that unfortunately didn't come with any accessories but there are versions that come in a larger package that do come with accessories. They remind me of the Food Fighters a lot.

    2. They come with a weapon and a little squishy minifigure sidekick. I have the garbage can guy from series 1. I really want the Jack O' Lantern guy from Series 2!

    3. like I said ,there are 2 different package styles.The small carded versions have no acceriesy. Ross has the large package versions and 5 below has the small package versions.

  2. Those are cool. Will need to do some research on them.


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