Monday, September 10, 2018

We don't talk anymore.

Im not going to candy coat this. If I comment on your blog regularly and you never reciprocate I will no longer be commenting on or following your blog.We all put work into these posts and I feel like it's unfair for people to just take a free ride approach and never comment and if I'm a commenter on your blog why are so much holier than thou that you can't reciprocate? I really am directing this at 2 bloggers specifically but it goes for our failing community as a whole. There are so few of us left that we should be this tight knit group but thats not the case. It appears these days that everybody is out for themselves and damn the neighbors .There are 1000's of places for me to see pictures of anything any of you have to post. I look at these blogs and comment because we used to be a community and I enjoyed the interaction between all of us but that has gone the way of AOL .I know this all sounds harsh but its simply the way it is.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Five Point Five Alive

Just a quick reminder , I am returning to work on Five Point Five Alive and Greenplasticsquirtgun will be returning to silent mode for the foreseeable future .Here is a sample of what you might be missing :
Lots of cool stuff in the coming weeks so make sure to check it out!
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