Monday, July 2, 2018

Gangrenous Acromancer

Im not altogether sure what this guys name is. He is a very very rare convention exclusive version of another rare exclusive so it's hard to track down his given name, I think combining the names of 2 other similar figures  to make the name  Gangrenous Acromancer sounds pretty cool.

The skeleton army is adapting to the new 5.5 world I have built ! Expect to see more of the exploits of the skeletons in the near future.


  1. Wicked looking skeleton. Would make for a fun army.

  2. Damn,you should make him Green Plastic Squirt Guns' official mascot. Oh wait,you already have a mascot,a green plastic squirt gun :( Oh well you can always change the name of your blog to Green Plastic Gangrenous Acromancer :)

    1. yeah he is absolutely in my favorite color scheme lol


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