Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Realm Of The Underworld ,Corpse Tooth

This guy is a recolor of the Remco skeleton used in Pirates of the Galaxseas  as Ribs and Crossbones ( both very rare and very expensive)


  1. I just hopped on their website,they got some cool figs.It's basically Remco all over again.

    1. its all Remco parts for the most part besides for a few new head sculpts.and they have the soft rubber heads just like the old figures .The only problem is that they sell out super fast and they carry a painfully high price on ebay .I actually bought this guy from the creator to the line.

  2. well photographed !! and do like this figure... Hello from Marshville.... (was able to build a 1/6 scale , "Suicide Squad" Joker for my Birthday present !!) (bought the Hot Toys jacket and cane for him... not to bad looking... and much cheaper than $250 for the Hot Toys Version


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