Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hercules Unbound and the mystery of the golden sword

This is Remcos Hercules Unbound .Many people have commented over the years that this looks nothing like Hercules and they are right ...sort of . This figure is based on the mid 1970's Hercules Unbound comic book and not the legendary hero of the past. This version of  Hercules was set in a post apocalyptic future and only lasted 1 year in publication .The comics are roughly the same price now as they were back then and will set you back about a buck each and in my opinion are really worth reading. This sword he is hold is not to him , its not even a Remco weapon and I have zero clue where its from originally but it came with him so I left it in his hand.

next figure on my list to get is Arak but Im being picky and waiting fro a complete version to show up in my 20$ or less price range so it might take a while.

Update! I finally fixed the gold cord that is supposed to be on this figure. Its a small thing but it makes a difference 


  1. Just to give you an idea of how hard It is to find these figures ,semi complete and In decent condition for an affordable price,I've been collecting for 10 years and I only have one figure from the line.I had to wait for a long time to finally find a solid Arak fig for a decent price.I'll probably have to do the same for Warlord ,Hercules etc.

    1. I got pretty lucky with Warlord and Hercules to get them both in nearly perfect condition and almost complete (Hercules is missing his staff but I can replace that)These two also are very well known for having their trunks turn yellow but I managed to get them both with bright white trunks. Arak has 2 version and I think I want the one with the vest over the one with the loincloth .Im dreading Machiste because he has several different heads ans skin tones and clothing in nearly always missing.


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