Saturday, August 5, 2017

Goodwill pays off again!

When I walked in to goodwill this morning I wasn't expecting to find a Masters of the Universe classic figure but that is exactly what I found.

This beauty was is a bag with a bunch of junk that I left at the store and told the cashier they could just tape the hole I made and sell it again. This is a figure thats been very high on my want list ant its great to only pay $1.00 for her even though she is missing a few accessory.


  1. Oh my gosh! That's quite a find!

  2. Wow. But even I would probably like the junk.

    1. oh no it was real junk , like magnetic alphabet letters and random nothing worth having stuff

  3. Dang!Score!!!I've only been into my GW a handful of times and haven't found anything nearly as cool.What they do have alot of are those Imaginext playsets.

  4. wow, I find some great stuff but no MOTUC yet BUT I have found vintage MOTU but not lately lol. One thing I have noticed is better stuff hits GW around October like they hold onto it for the holidays lol.


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