Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Round Robin Challenge - Ultimate Crossover Pictorial

Yeah Im just going to kind of call this one in . My camera has been acting up recently and I just couldn't really find any inspiration so Im recycling a picture from a long time ago. Here is a Poison Ivy Shockwave cross over.

Im sure if I really sat and thought about it I could come up with something better but this will have to do for now, I may redo this later if inspiration hits me.

Here is some other stuff
Alexes' universe

Mr Smiths Plastic Bubble


  1. Some weeks, you are the windshield, some weeks you are the fly...

  2. Hope that you are well, good Sir...
    ... Hello from Marshville...

  3. Awesome idea and sense I had not seen the image before, its new to me :)

  4. That is a nice looking Poison Ivy figure. What version is it?


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