Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Some who rise will be those we once knew... Custom skeleton Cobra trooper

Just made this fellow this morning . Id like to have an army of them but at the moment its just him.

He wasn't the most difficult custom ever but I think he is very effective


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    1. Thanks! Im noticing a lot of the finer details didnt come out in these pictures, probably will look better outside.

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    1. thanks! Somebody asked me what I did that was custom on it ( they dont know anything about GI Joe figures) because they thought how I had customized it was by putting it on a star wars stand XD

    2. You want to know something funny? I did not even notice that he was on a Star Wars stand! lol! I wish they would make skeletons I mean they have zombies so why not?

    3. well see thats what happens when you show something to somebody that refers to action figures as "dollies" and often says that only a child should have toys on shelves :/

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    1. Thanks man! Im trying to get together enough parts to make 4 more then it will be something to see.

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    1. Thanks! I need more of the Montezuma figure and Ill make more.


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