Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rude Ralph , somebody's holy grail.

This handsome fellow is Rude Ralph, made by Axlon toys in 1986  and to some collectors of knock off Madballs he is the Holy Grail.
 I came across Ralph at Goodwill a few days ago and was pretty shocked to see him . For a smooth dollar this guy has made it into my permanent collection.I have never owned an official Madball  (not to say that I havent always kept an eye out for them) but this large knock off is in a way almost better in my eyes.
fast friends! 
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  1. You gotta love how people working at those Goodwill's have no clue what they're selling half the time lol.

    1. ha yeah Im glad they dont look everything up and price things correctly lol this guy sell for a ton online.

  2. Wow! Great find! Reminds me of when I scored 50 cent babbie at the DI that had 2 Outer Terrestrial Creatures, the Lion Demon from Sword and The Sorcerers, and Frogacuda!

    I am a Madballs fan, but I've never owned an official Madball, just some knockoffs. I need to check the Goodwill more.

    If you wanna learn more about Madball collecting check out

  3. Rude Ralph!

    I had him as a kid, got from a car boot sale, and he went EVERYWHERE with me for a while - even incorporated him into my Hallowe'en costume one year (him on top of my head with a cushion up the back of me = Quasimodo). Eventually his eye was pulled out too far (as in fully "out") and he soon disappeared (as happens when you have a parent who hates clutter).

    Took me a long time to even find out what he was called again, but about ten years ago that name was recalled and it didn't take long to find him on eBay. He's now sitting pretty on the top shelf in my living room, where he belongs.

    What's that big hairy yellow knock-off you've got there?

    1. Finding this guy has really sparked an interest in mad balls and the knock off. Before finding this one I had never heard of him. That blue guy is a horriballz. The company that makes the horriballz also have Smashaballz that are pretty cool.

    2. There's two more things for me to be on the lookout for then :)

      Seems actual Madballs are harder to find than the knock-offs - the only ACTUAL Madball I have is Screamin' Meemie, which I "inherited" as a kid after my gran had bought it as a toy for her dog.

    3. I have no real mad balls though Im planing on getting the new vinyl version that should be releasing soon.


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