Monday, October 10, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenge:Zombies

This weeks Pop Culture League Challenge:


The dead have arisen!
Ill go with the Walking dead. I love the show! I never miss an episode (not true for Fear the Walking Dead but thats a story for another day)So seeing that Im in no part a writer and this is a "toy" blog lets have a look at some of my zombie related items :

Well thats what I got , not super thought provoking or award winning but maybe somebody out there will be less then bored looking at it.
Still bored? have a look at some of these fellow league members posts:
Toy Break!
Mr Smiths Plastic Bubble 


  1. Great pics Brother!Get ready to field the "I was gonna post about that" comments lol!

    1. Thanks! Ha ,yeah you snooze you loose lol

  2. I was gonna post about that! Just kidding, but I do loves me some Walking Dead. That grave digging Daryl action fig is pretty sweet!

  3. I have a terrifying fear of zombies, but those are great figures, especially the living humans :)

    1. huh dont feel bad ,I have a problem with clowns. Not scary clowns mind you but the average run of the mill kind creep me the heck out .Pennywise is fine but put a normal birthday party style clown smoking a cigar in front of me I might pee myself.

  4. Love the Funko minifigs. Great photos.


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