Thursday, October 13, 2016

ANYBODY OUT THERE? The rise of the skeleton army continues.... and a request for your help!

Im hoping to get a little help from my fellow bloggers out there! I am currently collecting as many of the cheapo skeleton spiders from family dollar that I can get and Id like to ask if any of you guys can pick up ALL the skeleton spiders your local family dollar might have left in stock. They are $1.00 each and I will completely  reimburse you for the cost of the spider and shipping or we can work out a trade for them! any help adding to the rise of the skeleton army is greatly appreciated!
stay tuned for more Rise of the skeleton army throughout October!


  1. I'll see about picking a couple up, Bro.You have a great story unfolding here.It reminds me of one of those just for sci fi channel flicks only with better characters!

    1. Ill take as many as you can get! ha thanks , I have it some what planned out but it will probably be well after October before it concludes.

  2. I will see if they are available here tomorrow when I do my weekly shopping. I like what you are doing with these pics!

  3. Thanks and thanks! I bought the 5 that my local store had in stock so maybe other stores out there got more then 5.


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