Sunday, September 28, 2014

Some shrinkage is to be expected.

This is a production sample of the  unproduced / unreleased Injustice Syndicate of Amerika Dyna Mite (Atom) to the Batman Brave and the Bold  Action League line.

It is believed that this guy and the other three that I have (Silver Cyclone,Scarlet Scarab,and Black plastic Man) were going to be in a Injustice Syndicate of Amerika 4 pack that was cancelled. This guy and the other three were shown at comic con but thats as far as they seem to have gone.


  1. Awesome! How'd you get your hands on him? The Ted Kord Blue Beetle is one of my holy grails.

    1. This was a luck grab from Ebay years ago, In the process of getting the entire prototype Injustice Syndicate set I ended up with 2 of this guy.

    2. Its not out of the realm of possibility


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