Monday, September 29, 2014

Forgive Me Ma'am, but I know nothing of your book.

This is Witchblade from the Legendary Comic Book Heroes line.
This really isn't a very nice looking figure. The paint is sloppy, some of the joints are fused together, and she has a strange face sculpt.


  1. Man I need to pick me up that Hercule/Mister Satan figure sometime I really dig him.

  2. He is pretty neat. I need to try to get a bunch of the random Dragon ball figures together and get a group fight scene.

  3. Would you be interested In trading that bendable Stripe figure?I used to have that as a kid!I love the look on that Dragonball Z character's face lol!

  4. I might! I found that gremlin and some parts to the original Deathstar in a box of junk that was put beside the trash bin after a yard sale down the road, almost jabbed my eye out with a cloths hanger getting him out of the box. Yeah that Hercule figure is my favorite of the month, Iv owned it for years but never really looked at it till recently.


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