Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Room to spread his wings.

When Baxter Stockman woke up this morning he realized that he needed a change.
He needed to find a place where he had more room to spread his wings,
Someplace less crowded where he would be proudly displayed. So he went in search of a new place.
While he was searching he came across a group of weary travelers from a far off land.
They had came here to reunite a child and his long lost father.
They told Baxter that the land they had just left had plenty of shelf space for him and his friends to display themselves proudly. A place called Michigan.
As quickly as he could he gathered up his closest friends and regaled them with the tale of the far off land of Michigan and offered to let them all come along with him. It surprised Baxter to find out that Flat Top already knew a few "good fellas" in that area.
Baxter gathered his meager possessions (his favorite portrait of himself, his flyswatter, and what ever the heck that other thing is)  and readied himself for the journey ahead.
 The group found a suitable means of transportation
and began to pile in.
Once they where all inside Baxter shut the lid and quickly realized his group was not alone! Another group had heard of the upcoming journey and wanted to join Baxter and his group, but wished to remain anonymous and stay out of sight of the giant camera that seemed to documenting everything that Baxter and his friends had been doing.
So, Baxter and his friends will be off on there way soon and I wish them the best of luck in there future endeavors.
 Now I hope I can come up with a princess for Earthworm Jim and his loyal sidekicks to save.


  1. Replies
    1. Awesomeness.....and thank you kindly Brother M cant wait to greet these weary travellers to there new home.

    2. Thanks and no problem! Iv been digging overtime trying to find as many of the accessory's to these guys as possible.I wish I could get my hands on a few more of these Mordles, Im really enjoying this guy.

    3. The one I sent came from Stunt Zombie Chris Mapp and was a nice surprise but I think is better suit for you Allen but if I happen to find more I will send them your way buddy.

    4. Ive looked at the site that sells them and they are pretty inexpensive but am unable to buy things online at this point so looking at them is all I can do. The super sized one is really neat.

    5. I do like the super size one too as well as the glow in the dark ones.

  2. Oh, this reminds me that I picked up a MOC Princess What's-her-name, I need to send her to ya!


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