Sunday, July 20, 2014


This is Transformers Collection Meister also better know by Jazz.

Funny story about this guy, I bought this guy in 2002, or so, and after a few days on display he just disappeared. I looked high and low for him. I looked every where, from behind furniture to in the kitchen cabinets. He was nowhere to be found. After about a year I gave up on him and wrote him off as an alien abduction and went on with life. Fast forward 12 years to present day, I'm looking in a big box filled with empty packs (don't lie, you know you have boxes filled with empty pack too). As I'm taking this stuff out and deciding if I really need all of them any longer and checking for accessory's that got left in the packs, I come across a particularly heavy box. It's the box for Meister. I immediately  remembered the loss involved with that particular toy and was going to just toss it right in the trash. As I went to jam it in the bag the front flap swung open and I caught a glimpse of shiny white. Now, I tell you I searched for this thing for pretty much the entire year after he went missing; and I know I looked at his pack many times after he disappeared; but there he was back in his box . All those years missing and he was in his box the whole time.


  1. What a story Brother Allen and one that adds character to already great toy.

    1. Its one of those strange things that i really have no explanation for. He's not as cool as the original because he has loose joints right out of the box.


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