Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hasbro JLA Plastic Man

I was super excited about this guy when I bought him 15 years ago, That excitement is gone now.
  What a fine specimen.
 Plastic Man loves you this much.
He has the seldom used head scratching action.
 Check out the super tone Gluteal muscles on this guy...
So there you have it. The Hardlight JLA set  from Hasbro was so much cooler.


  1. One thing i must admit...I strongly dislike bendy toys outside of the Other World Arco ones for some reason.

    1. There are a few from long ago that I like but for the most part Im with you on that point.

  2. It seems like all bendy toys have those small little holes in them. I wonder what they are for? Maybe to fish the bendable wire into the plastic mold? IDK but I think I just answered my own question with a question.

    1. You know I ask my Dad the same question when i was really young and he told me it was to relieve pressure on the plastic so it bends instead of tearing, I dont know if that the right answer but it work my my child mind.


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