Saturday, May 10, 2014

The trouble with robots.


  1. Ha ha, love it! What IS that monstrosity?

    Nice to see you back by the way, and getting creative too :)

  2. That fellow is the The sweeper from the Robots movie toy line that came out in 2005.Thanks ! I have been enjoying putting together these little scenes and Im glad people still like looking at it.

  3. Ok i just loved this whole post! With out any words you told a whole story that was super fun!

  4. Thanks! I haven't really wrote to much in any of these new post, It just seems funner to present the images and let everybody put the story together the way they want. And I think Im following your lead and not really doing any "reviews" anymore.

    1. Yeah i leave the "reviews" to those that enjoy doing them and are better at them than i and just show a picture or two and talk a little about the toy and am happy. : )


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