Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Star of the show

 This week’s assignment from the League over at Cool and Collected: Star of the show ,Television executives have determined that you lead an amazing life and have pegged you as the next big reality TV star. What’s the name and the premise of your show? This is a hard one for me because I lead a less then an amazing life that might bore most people to tears, but Ill give this a shot. This is my show: Technophobe
The premise of the Technophobe would be the daily life of a man who lives in a very old house that he rarely ever leaves due to nagging health issues.

His house  is stacked from floor to ceiling with his collection 

of strange and creepy things. 

He spends his days happily toiling away on antiquated  technology 

that he is unable or unwilling to upgrade to the advanced standards of the world around him

all while his wife comes up with creative suggestions on ways to improve and store collection.

Well that's my show, I'm sure it would only last one episode before being canceled .As with any reality tv show I have embellished the drama factor a bit to draw in viewers.
*This is a work of humor,I am not really Fred Flintstone*
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  1. So basically...your life is Hoarders.

  2. I was just joking around, I don't really believe you're a hoarder. :) I'd still watch your show.

  3. So what time and channel will this be on? I want to set my DVR for it. : D

  4. I totally bought this show until I went back and looked at the first picture and I knew it was fake....NO ONE has an antenna in Bedrock anymoe since that time Fred lassoed them off everyone's roof!! :)

  5. Can I come over and look in all those boxes? Maybe our shows can have a crossover? ;)

    1. Ha!I bet my wife would pay you to take a few of them.lol


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