Saturday, August 18, 2012

Its rabbit season ....

 Well I received two guesses for my game of what is it but neither was close.
the hint "The poor son of a humble chimney sweep
Fell to a cheap crowd
So stay asleep and put on that cursive type
You know we live in a toy." is the song Mad as rabbits. The part of importance was not in the lyrics but in the title ,Mad as
rabbits .

The mystery item was Max Factory Figma  King Kazma.

 He is from one of my favorite movies,  Summer Wars.This is my movie poster.
 Had lots of lurkers but only two guessers so hopefully if I decide to do a game in the future for a real prize more people will play and post a guess.


  1. I would have never guessed that one in a thousand years. And I thought I knew my figures.

    1. lol! I guess I threw out a real challenge. I was afraid right after I posted it that it was to easy.

  2. I would of never guessed this lol but it was fun trying.

    1. If you had fun then mission accomplished!I was trying to do something fun but most people just wanted to look and not play it seems.I bet if I had said it was for a free Wii I would have gotten 200 guesses lol


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