Friday, August 17, 2012

A little game if you are crafty .

Just a little game of tell me what it is.

What is it? No prize this time but in the future you never know. Ill give you a cryptic hint:
The poor son of a humble chimney sweep
Fell to a cheap crowd
So stay asleep and put on that cursive type
You know we live in a toy.
Ok Guess away ! Bragging rights to the victor. Dont be afraid to comment.


  1. Aren't those lyrics to a Panic In The Disco song? Hmmm this one is tough i almost want to say Santa Claus but not for sure if that's right.

    1. Ah Your half right but not on the half that really counts. That is Panic In The Disco :)

  2. Replies
    1. I might have borrowed an aspect or two from other sources ;) This is exactly What Reise used to do on his and its like yours but simplified.

    2. This one is hard! I get the Santa Connection, and obviously something is either significant IN the lyrics... or BECAUSE they are Panic lyrics. I can't figure out which. I'm whittling it down though... don't you worry.

      Can you answer a yes-or-no? If so, is it a toy? If not... well I'll just keep whittling it down.


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