Friday, June 15, 2012

Truth or legend ?

In the toy community  some items spark more heated debate than the existence of  Bigfoot (of course I know Bigfoot is real). The question as to whether or not some items ever made it to the shelves or if they are just legend has been around as long as I can remember. There has been  quite a few toys over the years that showed up on the pack back or in a catalog and nobody on the planet seems to have it ,then a friend of a friends cousin says he talked to a man who once knew somebody that had it..Like whise sometimes an item will just show up on ebay and leave everybody scratching their heads trying to figure out the what and where of the item.One of these items of legend is this.

This is Gobotron Fortress! I heard long ago that this was made but was only released in very small pockets of the country ( when I was a kid I heard the same story about Dinobot Swoop and a mysterious lost last wave of battle beasts) but to this day not a single sample has shown up on the internet.Did it ever hit the market?Was it released and quickly and quietly recalled because of some safety hazard? Its hard to say and really no way to prove anything till one surfaces.I personally like to think that at least a few of these are out there in a basement or attic waiting for that family yard sale to spring up and show everybody that it is indeed a real thing .


  1. Things like this are hard to know unless like you said one turns up. You would think in the case of Go-Bot Fortress here that some info or pictures or even a actual one who of surfaced after all these years.

    1. Back at new years eve I went to a party .When we walked up to the house I noticed a bunch of toys strewn across a patch of dirt by the front door and was horrified by the fact that 4 tigersharks and a hand full of the later thundercats had been played with in the dirt.I ask the guy who owned the house and he said they had been his as a kid and was clueless that they could be worth a ton.I think there are a lot of people that once they give up toys as a kid they never look back and things become lost to time and inless they have a yardsale or donate their old stuff collectors might never know that those people have been sitting on a true rarity and didnt know what they had.But yea at this point its looking slim for its existence although somebody has claimed to have seen Gobotron Fortress first hand in an area know for being a test market tho he has no proof to back up his statement.Im still holding on some hope for it.

  2. I imagine there could be some out there - since it doesn't really look like anything anyone would still be familliar with (for instance, unlike a Transformer product, there are no obvious Autobot type symbols or whatever) so if someone had it they would just assume it was an old worthless battle station type toy.

    Personally, I have never heard of this toy before this post. And I LOVED Gobots as a kid.

  3. It might show up someday..I hope.If one turns up it will be a rarer find than wonder bread he man lol


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